Imbrium announces first StormceptorMAX installation in North America

Aug. 18, 2009
ANAHEIM, CA, Aug. 18, 2009 -- Imbrium Systems has announced the first North American installation of StormceptorMAX in a municipality in Ontario, Canada...

ANAHEIM, CA, Aug. 18, 2009 -- Imbrium Systems has announced the first installation of StormceptorMAX in North America. A municipality in Ontario, Canada, has installed a StormceptorMAX for an infill development project related to street reconstruction.

The City chose StormceptorMAX to meet its specific site challenges, which included space limitations and a large drainage area. The StormceptorMAX's unique design allows for a large system capacity with a small installation footprint.

This StormceptorMAX has a treatment volume of 19,000 US gallons (71.2 cubic meters) and a spill capture capacity of 7,000 gallons (27.1 cubic meters) -- at a fraction of the size of many other systems. The unit was manufactured and distributed by Hanson Pipe & Precast.

About StormceptorMAX
StormceptorMAX treats stormwater in large-scale industrial and residential areas. It can treat areas from 20 to 100+ acres with a flexible design that meets a broad range of site needs and water quality objectives. It provides continuous positive treatment of total suspended solids (TSS) in stormwater runoff year-round, regardless of flow rate. The system may also be used as part of a stormwater treatment train, complementing other BMPs.

About Imbrium
Imbrium® ( designs and develops stormwater treatment technologies to protect water resources from pollutants. Imbrium has a strong record for innovation in the industry as the creator of the Stormceptor® oil and sediment separator, the Jellyfish fine sediment filter, and Sorbtive™MEDIA and Sorbtive™FILTER for high levels of phosphorus removal. Imbrium's presence at StormCon is Booth #505.