Hydro International taps longtime Eutek official to head grit-removal business

Oct. 27, 2009
HILLSBORO, OR, Oct. 27, 2009 -- Hydro International has promoted Adam Neumayer to the position of General Manager of the company's US Wastewater business...

HILLSBORO, OR, Oct. 27, 2009 -- Hydro International, a leading provider of environmentally sustainable products and innovative solutions that control and treat stormwater, wastewater and combined sewer overflows, announced that it has promoted Adam Neumayer to the position of General Manager of the company's US Wastewater business.

Adam most recently served as Applications Manager of the Wastewater unit. Prior to Hydro International's purchase of Eutek Systems in 2008, Adam had held a number of positions at Eutek, including Product Specialist, Applications Engineer, Project Engineer and Design Engineer, dating back to 1998.

"Adam's unique skills and his deep understanding of the field based on his longstanding position at Eutek Systems make him the ideal choice to lead our growing Wastewater business unit," said Steve Hides, CEO of Hydro International. "The acquisition of Eutek has established Hydro as the clear leader in grit-removal technology and helped our US wastewater business prosper. We look forward to continuing our positive momentum in the wastewater business with Adam at the helm."

Adam has served as a Visiting Scholar at Johns Hopkins University in 2004. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Oregon, and a member of the Water Environment Federation and the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. He has earned a BA degree in Environmental Engineering at Oregon State University, an MBA at George Fox University and an MSE in environmental engineering at Johns Hopkins.

Adam takes over for Steve Tansley, who will return to Hydro's UK operations, having completed an 18-month integration and transformation of the Eutek business into Hydro International's US Wastewater business. Effective Jan. 1, 2010, Steve will assume the role of Director of Special Projects, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. He will work across business platforms on discrete and time-limited projects such as business planning, business development, business integration, project management and business system improvements. He will be based in the company's Ely office.

Hydro's industry-leading grit-removal solutions include the Eutek HeadCell® , an advanced grit separator for the removal of grit and sand from wastewater, potable water and industrial effluents; the Eutek TeaCup®, a versatile vortex separator suitable for grit removal and grit washing for flows less than 8 MGD; the Eutek SlurryCup™, a highly efficient process used to capture, classify, and remove fine grit, sugar sand, and high density fixed solids from organic rich grit slurries, and both primary and secondary sludge; and the Eutek Grit Snail®, a high-performance grit dewatering escalator.

The Wastewater business's portfolio includes the Grit King®, a hydrodynamic grit separator that provides consistent grit quality with low residual volatile organic matter; the Grit Classifier, a secondary washing device which simultaneously dewaters grit; the Decanter, a grit dewatering container suitable for smaller plants. The unit also oversees Hydro International's Wet Weather business, which addresses flow control and treatment issues for Combined Sewer Overflows. Products in the portfolio include the Reg-U-Flo® Vortex Valve, a self-activating vortex flow control device that provides superior hydraulic performance over conventional flow regulators; the HeliScreen®, a compact powered CSO screening system with the ability to operate under surcharged conditions; the Hydro-Static Screen®, a non-powered screening technology suitable for sites with infrequent overflows; and the Storm King®, an advanced vortex separator with a self-cleansing, non-powered screen designed to effectively capture a wide range of sewer solids.

About Hydro International
Hydro International plc is a global supplier of environmentally sustainable products and innovative solutions that control and treat stormwater, wastewater and combined sewer overflows, utilizing award-winning advanced vortex and complementary technologies. Hydro International's US Wastewater operation, based in Hillsboro, Oregon, is the leading provider of municipal grit removal solutions and CSO/wet weather management products to control flows within collection systems and wastewater treatment plants. Hydro International also has US Stormwater operations based in Portland, Maine and has international offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Clevedon and Ely in the U.K. The company is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange.