Stormwater Management Inc. launches StormFilter for industrial markets

Feb. 3, 2004
Stormwater Management Inc. has completed testing and qualification for its new stormwater filtration product for industrial markets, StormFilter®.

Portland, Ore., Feb. 3, 2004 -- Stormwater Management Inc. has completed testing and qualification for its new stormwater filtration product for industrial markets, StormFilter®.

The announcement follows 15 months of testing and the qualification of the StormFilter for removal of specific common industrial pollutants. During the course of qualification, Stormwater Management has implemented dozens of systems, demonstrating the efficacy of the StormFilter for meeting industrial water quality permit requirements, while also reducing operating costs at industrial facilities.

While the StormFilter has application in a cross section of industries where stormwater runoff might introduce pollutants into waterways, Stormwater Management's Industrial & Remediation Business unit will initially focus on specific core industries including ship- and boatyards, lead acid battery manufacturers, scrap yards, galvanizers, lumber mills, transportation and maintenance yards, and industrial facilities with galvanized metal roofs.

"Responding to the water-quality and regulatory needs of industrial companies, Stormwater Management tailored the StormFilter to remove industrial pollutants and began testing the success of the solution," said David Pollock, CEO of Stormwater Management Inc. "Based on positive findings and the satisfaction of initial customers, we are pleased to expand into these industrial markets as primary targets."

In industrial applications, grinding and cutting produce fugitive emissions, which pollute stormwater runoff. Other common pollutant sources include hydraulic oil from equipment and rolling stock; tire and brake dust from vehicles; vehicle washing, fueling, maintenance and repair; and galvanized roof runoff.

Under the Clean Water Act, those responsible for industrial stormwater discharge are required to acquire coverage under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater general permits or to obtain individual NPDES permits to comply with specific pollution guidelines, set forth by federal, state and local agencies.

The StormFilter, a modular, siphonic media filtration system, provides an ideal solution for the treatment of polluted water flows created by runoff at industrial sites. The StormFilter removes particulate and dissolved metals, hydrocarbons, oils, and suspended solids.

The solution is cost-effective because it requires no electrical power or chemicals, and it has sufficient pollutant removal capacity to extend the maintenance interval. It is reliable because it uses sustainable gravitational energy and has only one moving part. About StormFilter

A StormFilter system is typically comprised of a structure that houses rechargeable, media-filled filter cartridges. Stormwater from storm drains or surface runoff is percolated through these media-filled cartridges, which trap particulates and remove pollutants such as suspended solids and turbidity, dissolved metals, hydrocarbons, trash and debris.

During the filtering process, the StormFilter system also removes surface scum and debris, as well as floating oil and grease. An integral air-scouring mechanism assures the StormFilter does not plug. Once filtered through the media, the treated stormwater is directed to a storm drainage pipe or discharged to an open channel or stream.

The StormFilter has been shown to reduce toxicity of stormwater by removing heavy metals and neutralizing acid rainwater amongst other mechanisms.

The StormFilter allows industrial sites to meet permit requirements in a cost-effective manner, combining high levels of pollutant removal with an easy-to-install system that may be entirely underground, reserving land space for production purposes, and is simple to maintain normally on an annual basis. Stormwater Management also addresses the needs of engineers with full product design support.

Typical Industrial Applications:

Metal processing and scrap yard
Galvanizing facility
Lead-acid battery manufacturing
Galvanized roof
Boat and shipyard
Marina boat washing and service areas
Wood products industries
Transportation equipment washing

The StormFilter is an engineered system, which can be designed to serve a wide variety of applications. The StormFilter is offered in multiple configurations: precast concrete; catch basin (steel, concrete or plastic); downspout; and cast-in-place concrete. For more information on the StormFilter, please visit or call 800.548.4667.

About Stormwater Management, Inc.

Headquartered in Portland, Ore., with regional offices throughout the United States as well as full coverage of Australia and New Zealand, Stormwater Management Inc. is a provider of highly effective and innovative products and services to the stormwater industry.

Founded in 1995, the company is committed to research and development and is always working to find efficient and economical solutions to meet the requirements of national and local regulations, including EPA's NPDES program. Stormwater Management also provides technical support in analyzing and developing engineered solutions for site-specific stormwater runoff situations. More information is available at

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