Sludge Dewatering & Processing

June 1, 2002
The Phase Separator from Spectrum Environmental is a patented dewatering device. The unit's design minimizes treatment and handling of material before and after dewatering.

Dewatering device

The Phase Separator from Spectrum Environmental is a patented dewatering device. The unit's design minimizes treatment and handling of material before and after dewatering. Solids are retained in the unit and are ready to be transported. Standard units are available in 25 cu. yd.; vacuum roll-offs, 20-30 cu. yd.; roll-off containers, 2-4 cu. yd. self-dumping hoppers; and 6-10 cu. yd. lugger boxes.

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Spectrum Environmental, Inc.
Livingston, LA
Tel: 225-686-1003

Sludge pump

Seepex has developed a new open hopper progressive cavity pump which incorporates a high-volume auger and induction chamber. The pump can handle viscosities to 700,000 cps and sewage or lime sludge to 32% solids. A ribbon mixer type auger can be substituted for the solid auger at an extra charge for high shear mixing and blending. The pump can be constructed in special hopper lengths up to 10 feet.

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Seepex Inc.
Enon, OH
Tel: 800-695-3659

Sludge pump

The Scru-Peller®Sludge Pump from Chicago Pump Co. was designed for pumping primary sludge in the municipal wastewater treatment process. The pump provides simultaneous pumping and cutting action on a continuous basis and eliminates problems commonly associated with conventional sludge pumps.

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Chicago Pump Co.
Aurora, IL
Tel: 630-236-5700


Westfalia Separator's newest horizontal solid wall bowl centrifuge, the CD 305 "Crocodile," features a compact footprint of only 9 feet by 2 feet. Differential speed is controlled by the company's 2-Gear Drive®which ensures constant solids drying despite fluctuations in feed concentrations and volumes. Its Vari-Pond®patented pond level control system for sludge thickening automatically adjusts the differential speed to the solids loading.

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Westfalia Separator
Northvale, NJ
Tel: 800-722-6622

Biosolids management

Synagro is a biosolids management firm specializing in the design and administration of biosolids recycling projects, including land application, composting, alkaline stabilization, drying and pelletizing and product marketing. The company can also provide installation and operation of dewatering facilities, mobile dewatering and lagoon and digester cleaning.

Houston, TX
Tel: 713-369-1708

Sludge density meter

Toshiba's LQ300 Microwave Sludge Density Meter uses microwave phase difference measurements to determine the density (consistency) of sludge flowing through pipes. This method exploits the way fluid density affects the propagation of microwaves when they pass through it. This allows the measurement of the sludge's density by monitoring the difference in microwave phase between the original wave and one passed through the measured fluid. The unit is excellent for use on sludge during the de-watering process or for use on polymer dilution or addition.

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Toshiba International Corporation
Houston, Texas
Tel: 800-231-1412

Belt scale

The Milltronics Single Idler Belt Scale (MSI) is perfect for measuring the tons per hour flow rate of dewatered sludge carried by conveyor. Operating with one of the company's microprocessor-based integrators, the MSI provides indication of flow rate, totalized weight, belt load and belt speed of dewatered sludge transported on a conveyor. A speed sensor monitors conveyor belt speed for input to the integrator. The belt scale can be connected to the facility's control system using standard analog signals, or industry standard protocols are available for communication direct to the PLC.

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Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
Arlington, TX
Tel: 817-548-2012

Sludge dewatering

Alfa Laval has released a new series of decanters. The ALDEC 700 Decanter Series of high-performance dewatering or thickening decanters is designed to handle de-watering requirements up to 600 gpm. They can be supplied in the standard version or with additional options to suit specific operating requirements. These options include an enhanced dewatering package, an enhanced thickening package, an enhanced wear protection package, a power savings package and a serviceability package. The decanters are open, non-pressurized decanters with solid horizontal bowls and scroll-type conveyors with counter-current flow.

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Alfa Laval Inc.
Richmond, VA
Tel: 804-236-1342

Container filters

The Container Filter from Flo Trend Systems provides a one-step method for separating and dewatering sludge, slurries and waste streams. The simple design consists of three components: the container, porous support plates and a filter media. The space between the support plates, the container walls and the floor is the drainage field for the liquid. Outlets on the bottom and side walls of the container allow for gravity drainage or pump suction of liquid from the filter. Available models include Roll-Off, Luggers, Self Dumping Hoppers, as well as Front, Rear and Side Loaders.

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Flo Trend Systems, Inc.
Houston, TX
Tel: 713-699-0152

Belt filter press simulator

The Phipps & Bird Crown Press™ Belt Press Simulator can be used to check a wastewater plant's belt press performance. The benchtop device permits operators to fine-tune presses without shutting them down: It can be used to select the best polymers or belting materials; estimate sludge cake moisture and filtrate clarity; determine sludge migration; and estimate optimum throughput.

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Phipps & Bird Inc.
Richmond, VA
Tel: 804-254-2737

Pasteurization process

Ashbrook has been chosen to provide the Eco-Therm™ Pasteurization Process System at Eastern Municipal Water District's Hemet (CA) Regional Water Reclamation Facility. The 11.0 mgd facility has arranged to market all of the Class A biosolids that are produced. Estimated cost savings of up to $200,000 per year for biosolids handling alone are expected as a result of the improved quality of biosolids. US EPA Region 9 has reviewed and approved the use of the plug flow, continuous liquid biosolids processing system, which produces Class A biosolids, following anaerobic digestion, without chemicals and may improve the dewatering properties of the material.

Ashbrook Corporation
Houston, TX
Tel: 281-449-0322


Ondeo Nalco Municipal's flocculants are designed to dewater a wide variety of municipal sludges, providing more stable and efficient dewatering operations. By improving solids capture and reducing moisture in dewatered sludge, these polymers can help reduce costs associated with sludge handling, hauling, incineration and landfill. They also improve clarification operations by reducing the carryover of suspended solids and enhancing sludge blanket stability.

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Ondeo Nalco Municipal
Naperville, IL
Tel: 877-589-6657

Septage receiving system

The Lakeside Septage Acceptance Plant is a self-contained, fully automated unit that screens debris from septic, primary, secondary, return, waste or dried sludge. The debris is collected in a central screw conveyor hopper and spray washed in two separate stages to return organic materials to the waste stream. During transport to the discharge chute, screenings are dewatered to a total solids content of up to 40 percent. Each unit is designed to process a typical 3,000 gallon septage tanker in 10 minutes. Lakeside offers an optional data management system with PIN code keypad access allowing for billing or fee-for-service use.

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Lakeside Equipment Corp.
Bartlett, IL
Tel: 630-837-5640

Submersible aerator

The MTS Multi-Aspirator submersible aerator provides aeration without the need for a blower. It is simple to install and is capable of operating continuously for over five years without requiring maintenance. The unit has an operating life expectancy of 15 years and is available in various sizes ranging from 2 to 100 hp. The aerator includes a submersible liquid pump and an air intake pipe that extends at least 18 inches above the water surface. The operation of the pump creates a pressure differential, producing a vacuum that causes atmospheric air to be drawn down the air intake pipe. The aspirated air is combined with the pumped liquid, and the fine bubble air/water mixture is directed radially through passages located 360 degrees around the perimeter of the unit.

Mass Transfer Systems
Fall River, MA
Tel: 508-679-6770

Mixing system

High efficiency mixing of liquids and suspended solids in large storage tank applications is made possible by the JetMix Vortex Mixing System, a patented technology designed and manufactured by Liquid Dynamics. The mixing system is ideal for biosolids storage; anaerobic digestion; blending/feeding; chemical mixing; flow equalization; and leachate storage. The simplicity of the system ensures very low maintenance and even permits intermittent operation. A pair of floor-mounted nozzles can be rotated 360 degrees, creating a toroidal flow pattern to mix tank contents.

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Liquid Dynamics Corp.
St Charles, IL
Tel: 630-513-8366

Turbine agitator

Chemineer offers the HT Turbine Agitator, which is ideal in blending and motion, solids suspension, and gas dispersion applications, among others. Product features include output speeds of 5 to 350 rpm, a compact, right-angle gear drive, 13 standard drive sizes from 1 to over 1,000 hp, and a variety of mountings, shaft seals, and impellers. The agitators are equipped with tapered roller bearings that are service rated to over 100,000 hours L-10 life.

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Chemineer, Inc.
Dayton, OH
Tel: 937-454-3200

Clarifier collector blades

Hi-Tech spiral blade clarifiers are ideal for use in secondary clarification. The spiral blade design transports sludge more efficiently than conventional scraper style collectors. Every spiral blade clarifier can be fitted with an LA-EDI energy dissipation well designed to maximize clarifier hydraulic loading. Each unit includes either a cast iron or fabricated steel drive unit, and includes a five year warranty.

Hi-Tech Environmental, Inc.
Birmingham, AL
Tel: 800-264-7005


The J-Vap Dewatering and Drying system is an advanced filter press system coupling a specially designed diaphragm filter press and vacuum/evaporation technology into a single unit. By combining the dynamics of conventional filtration with heat and suction, the system delivers moisture reduction in one process. The system is equipped with adjustable cycle controls, allowing the operator to adjust the drying time according to the level of moisture reduction required, up to 99%.

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USFilter Dewatering Systems
Holland, MI
Tel: 800-245-3006

Sludge settleability test

The Stiro-Settlometer is a piece of laboratory equipment inspired by the method and specifications given in the Standard Methods 2710C for the evaluation of the sludge volume index (SVI). It consists of a motor, mounted on a two-liter cylinder, that actuates a low speed stirring mechanism. This mechanism limits the interferences associated with floc bridging and wall effects. The results obtained with this equipment are more representative of the real sludge settleability characteristic in the secondary settling tank, than those obtained with the classical non-stirred SVI test. Also, comparing the stirred SVI (SSVI) to the SVI helps to determine sludge bulking causes.

MCR Process & Technology
Cap-Rouge, Québec, Canada
Tel : 418-650-9154, ext. 224

Polymer aid

Applied Chemical Magnesias Corporation offers Floc-cite™, a customized blend of natural cationic minerals that can be injected strategically in the wastewater treatment process to provide better settling and dewatering of sludge. In some cases, over 50% reduction of polymer for conditioning can be achieved. The product also can serve as a non-toxic means of helping to control corrosive acids throughout the treatment process.

Applied Chemical Magnesias Corp.
Fort Collins, CO
Tel: 800-397-1210

Sludge pumps

Morris Series 6100 cup-type recessed impeller pumps are designed to handle sludge and grit in municipal applications. The pumps provide reliable performance under the most severe operating conditions. The pumps feature a universal stuffing box, high-chrome iron construction and a reversible casing.

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Morris Pumps
Aurora, IL
Tel: 630-236-6900

Sludge pumping

The new Moyno®2000 HS pumping system features an integral hopper with a twin-screw auger feeder and a Model 2000 G4 progressing cavity pump that handles semi-dry, high solids content material. The system is available in a variety of configurations to meet specific applications. It features a non-pulsing flow, which translates into lower operating pressures. Its twin screw feeder supplies a constant pressurized feed rate to the pump, resulting in a 100% pump cavity fill rate. The design of the Ultra-Feed™ pump rotor further contributes to volumetric efficiency.

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Moyno, Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966

Biosolids management

USFilter recently published new literature detailing its capabilities for biosolids management. "Total Biosolids Management" discusses in detail the company's solutions, systems integration capability and service in the biosolids market, from thickening and digestion through dewatering, drying, composting, incineration, and biosolids handling and odor control as a fully integrated system.

USFilter Inc.
Rothschild, Wis.
Tel: 724-772-1438

Control pinch valve

Red Valve's Series 5200 Control Pinch Valve is designed to control abrasive and corrosive slurries. The resilient elastomer sleeve produces a smooth venturi flow path that outlasts gate, plug, ball and even stellite-coated control valves. The reinforced elastomer sleeve is the only wetted part of the valve, eliminating the need for packing, valve seats and mechanical parts. A cone sleeve trim is most commonly used in throttling applications for tighter control and better rangeability. A choice of controls is available, including pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and the latest "smart" positioners.

Red Valve Company, Inc.
Carnegie, PA
Tel: 412-279-0044

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