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April 1, 2002
The new CT Cell from Severn Trent Services' ClorTec line produces 0.8% sodium hypochlorite solution. Systems range in size from 2 to 3,000 pounds per day equivalent chlorine demand.

Sodium hypochlorite cell

The new CT Cell from Severn Trent Services' ClorTec line produces 0.8% sodium hypochlorite solution. Systems range in size from 2 to 3,000 pounds per day equivalent chlorine demand. Typical applications are municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants. The new patent pending design delivers a significant reduction in both salt, power and disinfection byproducts resulting in an overall net reduction of 20% in operating cost.

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Severn Trent Services
Campbell, CA
Tel: 800-524-6542

UV transmission monitor

WEDECO has received a United States patent for is UV Transmission Monitor. The "Hippo" is specifically designed for continuous on-line monitoring of UV transmission. It provides permanent measurement directly in the channel and provides continuous logging capability via a 4-20 mA output or RS232 interface. It feature compact construction and simple installation (no need for pumps, filters or pipelines). The monitoring system consists of a measuring device which is partially immersed in the effluent, and a separate control box with display. The measurement device consists of a UV lamp and two sensors, operating according to the dual beam measurement principle. A special automatic wiping system has been incorporated in the design so that both the lamp quartz sleeve and sensor are kept clean at all times.

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Wedeco Ideal Horizons
West Caldwell, NJ
Tel. 973-575-7052

Valve tool

Engineers at Westinghouse Savannah River Company (WSRC) have developed a quick method for unseating and removing a ball valve. The ball valve extractor comprises a shaft with a tip at one end, a stop at the other end, and a sliding handle in between. The tip is inserted into the ball valve stem hole and rotated to "lock" inside the valve. The handle is then slid forcibly up the shaft to strike the stop, which causes a hammer-like blow to the valve. This blow unseats the valve. The tool can be used in any position or angle from vertical to horizontal. Interchangeable tips enable the tool to be used with different stem hole configurations and with valves sized for various inner flow diameter openings. The company is seeking interest in licensing this device for the purpose of manufacturing and selling it as a commercial product.

Westinghouse Savannah River Company
Aiken, SC
Tel: 800-228-3843
E-mail [email protected].

TOC/TN analyzers

Shimadzu has introduced the new TOC Visionary Series, which includes seven different models for measuring total organic carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen (TN). TOC-V offers a choice of either combustion or heated-UV-persulfate oxidation methods - a Shimadzu exclusive. Each unit can be operated stand-alone or PC controlled. The systems enable automatic multipoint calibration from a single standard and an external sparge option can double sample throughput. The total nitrogen option permits simultaneous TOC and TN measurements and an optional air purifier can eliminate the need for purified gases. A septum piercing autosampler accepts three vial sizes to adapt to different analytical requirements.

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Columbia, MD
Tel: 800-477-1227, x1433

Pressure data loggers

Dickson has introduced its Stainless Steel Pressure Data Loggers, models PR100 and PR300, to its current line of instrumentation. The loggers feature a waterproof stainless steel case, which can monitor pressure ranges from 0 to 300 psi and can operate in temperature ranges from -40 to 185degreesF. The PR100 and PR300 feature a 5-year battery life and can record almost 8,000 samples. These loggers are ideal for investigating pressure complaints, checking for system leaks and recording pressure in compliance to regulations or quality programs. A user can download all data to a PC for viewing, graphing, or printing with DicksonWare™ software.

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Dickson Company
Addison, IL
Tel: 800-323-2448

Cutter assembly

The new Moyno® Annihilator™ uses bi-directional cutting teeth on the spacers as well as the cutters to prevent the typical problem of string and fibrous material binding or seizing the machine. The patented toothed cutting spacers increase the unit's efficiency, further decrease particle size and reduce the risk of failure from ragging. The Annihilator is designed for use in sewage lift stations, head works and sludge processing systems. The units can process from 300 to 4250 gpm of influent, helping prolong the life of downstream equipment.

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Moyno Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966

Liquid chemical dosing

Hydro Instruments' Liquid Feed System is designed to feed sodium hypochlorite or other liquid chemical solutions. The equipment offers simplicity through its all vacuum operation, purely mechanical design, and visual feed rate indication. Water flow supplied to the system's Venturi nozzle creates a vacuum that draws the liquid chemical solution into the water supply under vacuum. Solution feed rate is visually indicated on a glass flow tube. All-vacuum operation means that breakage of equipment will never cause a chemical leak. Unlike metering pumps, this system will not lose its prime due to off-gassing of the chemical solution.

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Hydro Instruments Inc.
Quakertown, PA
Tel: 215-538-1367

Swing check valve

The "SWC" series Swing Check Valve from Crispin Valve offers an AWWA C-508-01 solution for check valve applications, including sewage and slurry. Designed with a heavy-duty pivot shaft, the valve accepts both air cushion and oil control devices, and is ideal for installations where back pressure can rapidly reach higher values. Standard with rubber disc seats and stainless steel body seats, the valves can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and are designed so that parts can be maintained without removal from the line. In addition, the pivot shaft extends through both sides of the valve body. This allows it to be changed to either side of the unit, making installation more manageable.

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Crispin-Multiplex Manufacturing
Berwick, PA
Tel: 570-752-4524

Operator training is an e-commerce, online service provider for state approved continuing education courses. The site currently contains pre-approved education for 34 states. Each state regulator has reviewed the courses for content and approved courses they deem acceptable for continuing education. Water and wastewater related courses cover a wide variety of topics, including courses on confined space entry, water disinfection systems, ion exchange technologies, wastewater treatment theory and math for wastewater plant operators, to name a few.
Columbus, OH
Tel: 866-259-7480

Sump pumps

The Series 800 Industrial Vertical Immersion Sump Pumps from Vertiflo Pump Company are designed for service in water, corrosive chemicals and hazardous liquids. Applications include sump drainage and flood control, among others. The pumps are designed for severe service with minimal maintenance at heads to 230 feet and temperatures to 350° F. They can operate in pit depths to 26 feet and up to 3000 gpm. The pumps feature carbon lined shaft bearings, semi-open impellers with external adjustment, high-thrust angular contact ball bearings, 416 stainless steel shafts to 1 15/16 inches and a standard NEMA C face motor. Construction materials available are cast iron, 316 stainless steel or Alloy 20.

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Vertiflo Pump Company
Cincinnati, OH
Tel: 513-530-0888

Stormwater treatment

BioShield Technologies and AbTech Industries have entered into a strategic alliance that will combine the companies' patented technologies to produce an anti-microbial treatment system for stormwater run-off. AbTech, which manufactures products to capture and absorb oil, trash, sediments and other pollutants from stormwater run-off, will use BioShield's anti-microbial Smart Sponge® technology. The anti-microbial filter system will be used in AbTech's catch basin insert, Ultra Urban Filter®, and other products that capture pollutants in stormwater drain systems.

AbTech Industries Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 480-874-4000

Dispute resolution

Water rights/allocation disputes occur frequently throughout the United States. These disputes often pit jurisdiction against jurisdiction in expensive, time-consuming litigation full of uncertainty and lengthy delays. The Environmental Law Institute® has just published a new book titled "Beyond Litigation: Case Studies in Water Rights Disputes" edited by Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold and Leigh A. Jewell. Instead of limiting their analysis solely to legal doctrine or theories, the authors probed the history of the disputes - both before and after the judicial decision - to find lessons about how water rights conflicts can be resolved.

Environmental Law Institute
Washington, DC
Tel: 800-433-5120

Underwater repair putty

Devcon Underwater Repair Putty is a nonrusting, epoxy-based compound that penetrates moisture and forms a strong, permanent seal even under water. It is ideal for repairing, patching, or rebuilding wet or submerged equipment. The putty bonds securely to steel, iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, concrete, wood, and selected plastics. Easy to mix and apply, it cures at temperatures as low as 40° F. Maximum service temperature is 250° F. Because the putty eliminates the need to dry substrates thoroughly before beginning repairs, it is ideal for a multitude of emergency and routine maintenance tasks.

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Devcon Inc.
Danvers, MA
Tel: 800-933-8266

Stormwater treatment

Hydroxyl Storm Water Treatment Systems provide treatment of storm water flows prior to discharge from the collection system. The compact, modular units can be installed in new or existing systems. The units disinfect storm water, controlling fecal coliform to levels that are safe for discharge. They remove oils and greases found in the "first flush" of storm water, and reduce suspended solids levels in storm water. The system consists of a solids flotation system combined with an advanced oxidation process that uses ozone and hydroxyl radicals to disinfect the storm water and reduce the levels of chemical contaminants in the storm water. The system is fully automated and capable of responding instantly to storm water events. It can be monitored with SCADA to allow integration into existing municipal infrastructure management systems.

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Hydroxyl Systems
Sidney, BC, Canada
Tel: 250-655-3348

Hydrocarbon monitor

FCI Environmental offers the CMS-4000 Continuous Monitoring System for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) analysis in wastewater. Using its patented Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor (FOCS®) technology, the system provides trend data and control capability through a 4-20 mA output, as well as being compatible with most commercial SCADA systems. Data correlates well with the Freon/IR method without the need for Freon solvents and is available locally and via modem. The system is intrinsically safe and can simultaneously handle up to four separate sample streams, each with its own 4-20 mA output. The unit can handle a wide range of concentrations.

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FCI Environmental, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 800-510-3627

Laboratory workstation

Zymark Corporation has launched its Mini-Staccato Workstations, a new breed of small flexible integrated systems providing laboratories the benefits of a scalable automation platform capable of evolving to meet future needs. The systems begin with a Twister™ II and a single workstation such as a reader or microtiter plate sealer. In this assisted workstation configuration, the Twister II acts as an unattended plate server with a large storage capacity providing significant walk-away time for the operator. As application needs expand, another device, such as the Zymark Sciclone™ ALH liquid handler can be integrated by using CLARA™ 2001 integration software.

Zymark Corporation
Hopkinton, MA
Tel: 508-497-6541

Disinfection systems

Miox has received certification for both its mixed-oxidant and hypochlorite on-site generators for potable water disinfection. The generators are listed under NSF Standard 61, Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects. The certification procedure included a toxicology review to ensure that no contaminants were leached into the drinking water, a factory audit to verify formulations and QA/QC records, and product testing according to the protocols in the NSF standards. The company's new certification under NSF Standard 61 adds to an existing listing for mixed-oxidant solution tanks ranging from 55 to 5000 gallons.

Miox Corp.
Albuquerque, NM
Tel: 505-343-0090

Solid-state UV-C meter

Gigahertz-Optik has introduced a new hand-held UV-C radiometer featuring a solid-state solar blind detector for use in UV disinfection applications. The compact X9 11 meter is designed for mobile or lab use and offers a large LCD, irradiance and dose modes, peak hold function, 9 vDC battery operation and RS232 interface. The cosine corrected UV-3718-4 UV-C detector is solar blind above 300 nm, permitting the isolation and accurate measurement of the UV-C content of low or medium pressure Hg and other types of broadband sources. Waterproofing of the 37 mm diameter x 32 mm high detector is optional. The meter measures from 0.1 microwatts/cm2 to 1000 milliwatts/cm2 and is calibrated at 254 nm.

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Gigahertz-Optik, Inc.
Newburyport, MA
Tel: 978-462-1818

Tool organizers

Paktek Inc., makers of ToolPak® brand tool organizers, has introduced ToolCaddie™, a toolbelt for handtrucks. The organizer features a universal attachment system that makes it fit every kind of handtruck. Eight attachment points hold it in place. The caddie has five pockets of varying sizes to hold tools, clipboards, tape guns, felt pens and utility knives. A key clip holds items with rings or straps.

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Paktek Inc.
Tacoma, WA
Tel: 253-584-4914

pH, ORP sensors

GLI International has introduced a new line of differential sensors for measuring pH and ORP in a wide range of applications. The pHD™-series is the "intelligent choice for pH measurement." They use unique GLI Differential Electrode Technology, wherein three measuring electrodes are used instead of the two contained in conventional pH sensors. The process and reference electrodes measure the pH differentially with respect to a third ground electrode. The sensors have a built-in preamplifier to boost the electrodes' high impedance mV signals for transmission up to 3000 feet. Sensor body materials are available in PEEK® and Ryton®, offering chemical resistance in aggressive process solutions. Convertible, insertion, and sanitary mounting styles enable installation in most process applications.

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GLI International, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
Tel: 414-355-3601

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