New Literature

May 1, 2002
Red Valve's exclusive Saddle Support Technology doubles the backpressure ratings of its line of Tideflex® InLine Check Valves.

Check valves

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Red Valve's exclusive Saddle Support Technology doubles the backpressure ratings of its line of Tideflex® InLine Check Valves. A newly updated, four-color brochure reviews core products and details the new maximum backpressure capacities for each valve. The company's in-line check valves feature all of the benefits of the standard Tideflex® Check Valve, including absolute backflow prevention, abrasion-resistance and low headloss, and boasts a long list of flexible installation options.

Red Valve
Carnegie, PA
Tel: 412-279-0044

UV Photometer

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Suntec Environmental has released a new brochure on its UVT-254 UV Photometer. The two page, color bulletin includes product photographs and information. The literature describes product design, features, specifications and performance. A shock-resistant carrying case holds everything needed for measuring the transmittance of a sample. The instrument includes operating instructions, quartz cuvette and plug in power supply.

Suntec Environmental
Concord, ON
Tel: 905-669-4450

Stainless steel pumps Brochure

Cat Pumps has released a new Stainless Steel Products brochure. It highlights the many different stainless steel pumps in the company's line including portable direct-drive SF Pumps, eight frame sizes of cast stainless pump models, five frame sizes of the special block-style pump models and the new large capacity R-Series reciprocating pumps.

Cat Pumps
Minneapolis, MN
Tel: 763-7805440

Waterjetting, cleaning

SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings, has published two new collections of surface preparation reference photographs; SPPC-VIS 4 and VIS 5. VIS 4 illustrates the appearance of steel surfaces prepared by waterjetting. VIS 5 shows steel surfaces prepared by wet abrasive blast cleaning. Both contain a written guide and explanatory notes, as well as other photos that depict degrees of flash rust after cleaning.

Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 877-281-7772

Single-gas detector

A four-page bulletin highlighting the features of the Pulsartrademark Single-Gas Detector is available from MSA Instrument Division. The detector features a 24-month, maintenance-free life. The instrument detects CO, H2S or O2. It features a large numeric display and a lithium battery. Spring and suspension clips are standard.

Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 724-776-8828

VOC control

Carbtrol has released a technical paper: Activated Carbon for Treatment of VOC Emissions. The paper reviews technologies which are available for the control of VOC emissions, the characteristics of activated carbon and the conditions where it is most applicable. Design considerations and costs of carbon systems are also discussed.

Carbtrol Corp.
Bridgeport, CT
Tel: 203-337-4340

RTU specifications

Motorola's North America Group has released a new specification sheet describing the features and benefits of the Moscad-M SCADA RTU. The unit satisfies a wide range of remote monitoring, control and data-logging applications. It's low-power consumption makes it suitable in situations where use of an alternative power supply, such as solar power, is the best course of action. The RTUs support both digital and analog inputs and outputs; RS-232 and RS-485. Communications are by two-way radio or wire line modem.

Schaumburg, IL
Tel: 800-367-2346

Medium speed pumps

The Pump Division of Flowserve Corp. has published a new eight-page brochure which describes its new Medium Speed Pump (MSP), a variable speed, vertical inline pump. The MSP follows API 610, 8th Edition design criteria and offers hydraulics specifically designed for low-flow, high-head applications. It features a medium speed induction motor with variable frequency drive for optimal BEP and adaptability.

Flowserve Corp.
Irving, TX
Tel: 972-443-6500

Fluid sensors, controls

The new Gems Sensors Internet site features information on liquid level, flow and pressure sensing equipment. The site features a complete online catalog with specifications and pricing on the company's standard sensors and controls. It even allows custom sensors to be configured and ordered. Multiple product search and selection methods are provided.

Gems Sensors
Plainville, CT
Tel: 800-378-1600

Safety supplies

Lab Safety Supply's new Safety Supplies catalog provides information on worker protection systems and equipment. The 1624-page catalog features fall protection, protective clothing, hearing protection, respirators, first aid, signs and labels, etc. The catalog also features a selection of lab supplies and equipment, including glassware and instrumentation.

Lab Safety Supply
Janesville, WI
Tel: 800-356-0783

Custom fittings

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Watts Regulator has published its Custom Engineer Products Brochure. The publication features the company's line of custom fabricated fittings, spools and tees. Available in a variety of connections, these custom fittings are manufactured to AWWA specifications and may be modified for specific jobs. The brochure contains product photos and a fittings ordering guide. Request literature F-CEP-Watts-Ames.

Watts Regulator Company
North Andover, MA
Tel: 800-617-3274

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