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Sept. 1, 2009
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems has updated BlowerXpert™ 8, its rotary blower selection tool.

Blower selection software

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Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems has updated BlowerXpert™ 8, its rotary blower selection tool. The system is available for download, (WinXP/Vista, 2.5 MB, v8.0). The updated software allows for incorporation of relative humidity into air applications and adds links to the CDC/NIOSH online Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards for access to information about gases. Blowers can be sized on discharge flow as well as inlet flow. The update also adds the Tuthill Package Wizard that selects complete, standard packages based on user specified criteria such as initial cost, noise and power required.
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems
Springfield, MO
Tel: 800-825-6937
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Chopper pumps

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Designed for solids conditioning, the Fairbanks Morse Series 5300 Chopper pump uses an enclosed impeller with a rugged cutting profile, and delivers pump efficiencies 20-30% beyond the current chopper pump designs. Contoured cleanouts are standard on both the pump suction as well as on the volute to provide immediate access for removal of large objects, such as steel tramp material or heavy metals that might enter the system, without disturbing suction or discharge piping. The cutter bar, impeller and rear backplate are all manufactured of hardened steel. The pumps are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Applications include raw sewage, return- and waste-activated sludge, mixed liquid, digester circulation and primary sludge.
Fairbanks Morse Pump
Kansas City, KS
Tel: 913-371-5000
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Insertion style flow meter

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With a next-generation multi-electrode sensor packaged in an insertion style configuration suitable for hot-tap installation, the Marsh Multi-Mag® Flow Meter from McCrometer eliminates cut-and-splice operations and system shutdowns while at the same time fitting in tight equipment areas with limited pipe straight-run availability. The multiple point insertable meter is cost-effective for large line-size applications. The meter’s streamline multi-electrode sensor design compensates for real world variable water flow profiles, including low-flow conditions. Multiple electrodes located across the meter’s sensor body continuously measure and indicate the average flow rate. It is accurate, repeatable and stable with virtually no drift that requires field recalibration.
Hemet, CA Tel: 800-220-2279 Web:
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Centrifugal pumps

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The Series 2100 industrial trash- and solids-handling self-priming centrifugal pumps from Vertiflo provide easy access to the impeller and case to remove debris. The pumps have an oversized, tapered bore and a self-flushing seal chamber. They also offer an optional external flush, resulting in greatly extended seal life. The back pullout design with external impeller adjustment, plus a replaceable case wearplate, allows for continuous high efficiency performance. The pumps have capacities to 1300 gpm, heads to 112 feet TDH and are available in 3", 4" and 6" sizes.
Vertiflo Pump Co.
Cincinnati, OH
Tel: 513-530-0888
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Thermoplastic valves

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TVI’s thermoplastic valve line targets industries that require complete resistance to corrosion and contamination. The valves offer corrosion resistance under the most aggressive conditions. The company’s product line consists of ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves and check valves from sizes ½" thru 36". Recently TVI added a line of pipe repair systems that are easy to apply, conform to irregular shapes, and are not affected by water, acids, soil organics or hydrocarbons. They adhere to metal, all plastics (but PE and PEX), concrete and rubber. They generally set in 30 minutes, are not affected by high temperatures and can be applied under water and in any climate. The products can be applied with a maximum of 60 psi pressure in the line.
TVI Thermoplastic Valves Inc.
Emmaus, PA
Tel: 610-967-6388
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PVC joint restraint

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JM Eagle has introduced the Eagle Loc 900, a new internal joint restraint system. Featuring BullDog™ technology from S&B Technical Products, the system reduces or eliminates the need for external joint restraints on PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe fittings. It provides long-term flow capacity in open-trench construction of pressure pipelines, has the ability to accommodate greater thrust force than other systems, and can be used for both potable water distribution and sewer mains. The internal joint restraint technology is fitted into the bell portion of the company’s PVC pipe when it’s manufactured. Although assembled in the field just like standard PVC, each set of connected pipe locks immediately as the joints are fit together.
JM Eagle
Los Angeles, CA
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Manhole cover lift

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Industrial Magnetic’s new vehicle mounted Manhole PowerArm™ can reduce back strain and increase employee safety when lifting and replacing manhole covers. The arm offers a 3', 180° swing radius and a double-jointed elbow that allows the positioning of the magnet in the center of the manhole cover. Once the magnet is centered and turned to the “lock-on” position, use the electric or manual winch control to lift the manhole cover from the rim and away from the opening. The arm fits into a standard 2" square receiver trailer hitch and folds to the bumper for transportation. It has a 400 lb. lifting capacity.
Industrial Magnetics Inc.
Boyne City, MI
Tel: 888-582-0822
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