Product Showcase

July 2, 2015
Collection of new products of special interest to the municipal water and wastewater markets
Cloth media filter

The new Aqua MegaDisk™ cloth media filter from Aqua-Aerobic features 30% larger diameter disks than the original AquaDisk filter and is capable of treating up to 24 MGD in a single unit. This filter operates in 80% less space than sand filters with comparable hydraulic capacity and is an ideal solution for deep-bed sand filter retrofits.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.

Remote Pressure Monitoring System

Mueller Company has developed a simple and cost-effective technology to continuously monitor pressure in potable water distribution systems. The pressure sensor, typically installed two per district metering area, reports at user-defined intervals via cellular service and a Mueller-hosted secure web server. Beginning with pressure monitoring, the system allows utilities to integrate into existing SCADA systems or use as a stand-alone monitoring platform.

Mueller Company

Plunger valve

The RIKO Plunger Valve from Rodney Hunt is designed to control the flow of water under pressure while minimizing cavitation and vibration. It is ideal for in-line energy dissipation and free-discharge applications and is NSF-61 certified for contact with drinking water. Superior design directs the flow around the inner core within the valve body. This balances the pressure within the valve, prevents damaging cavitation and eliminates vibration. The unique plunger, with a high-strength ductile-iron body with epoxy-coating seating profile, creates a drip-tight shutoff.

Rodney Hunt Company

Thermal mass flow meter

The Model ST100L Air/Gas In-Line Thermal Mass Flow Meter with Vortab® Flow Conditioner from Fluid Components International provides accurate flow measurement without the long straight pipe runs required by other meters. The ST100L is typically installed in a water disinfection system's chlorine gas inlet line to the chlorinator panel. For operation in corrosive chlorine gas environments, its wetted material, including sensor element, inline flow body, flow conditioner, and process connections, are all fabricated of Hastelloy C-276.

Fluid Components International LLC

Weather information services

Schneider Electric's MxVision WeatherSentry Online, Water Utility Edition, allows for the anticipation of potential storm-induced issues. New functionality integrates thousands of river and ocean water level observations to highlight where high or fast water may impact different territories. Tide predictions are included in both hourly and daily forecasts up to 15 days in advance. With real-time flood intelligence and detailed river stage and discharge information, plan for both weather conditions and water levels near various locations.

Schneider Electric

Corrosion inhibitor

MCI® 2020 is an organic, surface-applied, migrating corrosion inhibitor designed to penetrate through cementitious materials. It migrates in both liquid and vapor (gas) phases through the pore structure, forming a protective, molecular layer on embedded reinforcement and allowing vapor diffusion. The 2020 provides strong corrosion protection against carbonation, chlorides and other contaminants and will migrate independent of orientation. The water based, non-flammable 2020 will significantly extend the service life of users' reinforced concrete structures.

Cortec Corporation

Submersible pumps

BJM Pumps has introduced the new patent-pending SKG Series submersible pumps, designed and engineered for wipes and other difficult solids in wastewater. The pumps can easily obliterate items once considered too difficult or near impossible to pump. The robust construction, coupled with RAD-AX™ Dual Shredding Technology, delivers solids handling technology for 2, 3 and 5 HP submersible pumps. The SKG Series pumps are designed for applications faced by the municipal and industrial wastewater industry.

BJM Pumps

Centrifugal pumps

Vaughan Company has introduced the Triton screw centrifugal pumps, providing the advantages of high efficiency in a non-clog design. The Triton pump's open-channel impeller is ideal for handling thick sludges, large or stringy solids, shear-sensitive fluids, and delicate or highly abrasive materials. Unique features include steep performance curves, non-overloading power characteristics, heavy-duty power frames, and a flushless mechanical seal design to eliminate water flush requirements. The pump is available in horizontal or vertical pedestal configurations.

Vaughan Company

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