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April 16, 2015
Collection of new products for the municipal drinking water and wastewater markets.

Stormwater chamber lines

Prinsco, Inc. and Lane Enterprises have announced the launch of two new stormwater chamber lines built from a high-performance engineered injection molded chamber design for civil engineers looking for high-efficiency stormwater storage and retention products to meet or exceed ASTM F2418. Prinsco will sell the HydroStor™ line, and Lane will sell the StormKeeper™ line. The larger chamber will store 180 cubic feet of stormwater per chamber, or 25 cubic feet per linear foot, for high-volume projects. The smaller chamber will store 75 cubic feet of stormwater per chamber, or 11 cubic feet per linear foot, for limited-burial projects.

Prinsco Inc.

Advanced meters

Hanna Instruments has released its full-featured HI2002 pH/ORP, HI2003 EC/TDS/Salinity and HI2004 DO edge® meters, which are suitable for many markets and are thin and lightweight, measuring only half an inch thick and weighing 9 ounces. This versatile design allows them to be used like a benchtop or portable meter, which can attach to a wall to free up valuable lab bench space. All edge meters use digital smart electrodes, which feature a built-in microchip that stores sensor type, ID and calibration information that is automatically retrieved by the meter once the electrode is plugged in.

Hanna Instruments

Submersible logger

Turner Designs has introduced a submersible logger created to work with its C-sense pCO2 sensor. Designed by Precision Measurement Engineering, the C-sense Logger packages records, times, dates, internal temperatures, and partial pressures of gas in liquids. C-sense enables in-situ pCO2 monitoring over an extended period of time in water, oil, or water and oil mixtures in depths up to 600 m. Applications include water quality monitoring, aquaculture, wastewater monitoring, and more. Integration with the logger enables collection and internal storage of data at a variety of sampling rates, set by the customer. Data is offloaded to a computer via a USB cable.

Turner Designs

Leak-free valve

Griffco Valve has announced the introduction of its new leak-free Unibody valve for use in chemical-feed, metering and dosing pump systems at water and wastewater treatment plants. Available as a back-pressure valve and 2-port pressure relief valve, the Unibody features single-piece construction with union connections paired with the valve body to form a solid piece of material. Since it will not leach lead, it is certified to NSF 61 for potable water. The Unibody also virtually eliminates downtime and extends performance life. Designed for hard-to-seal or troublesome pumping systems, the valve is available in PVC and CPVC construction in sizes from 1/4" – 1" (DN 15 – DN 25). Since there are no connections or glued joints, the Unibody will provide long-term reliability and lower cost of ownership throughout its operational lifetime.

Griffco Valve

Sampler controller

Hach Company has released a new automatic sampler controller that makes programming, data transfer and operation more intuitive and virtually error-free. The new Hach AS950 features significant design improvements, streamlining data transfer and sampler programming. Users can download logged data such as sample history, cabinet temperature (AWRS units) and sensor measurements directly from multiple samplers onto the USB drive. This eliminates the need for special cables and removes the hassle of carrying a laptop to sampling locations. Users can also download a program from a computer or sampler to any USB drive and plug it into the controller.

Hach Company

Leak detection system

Fluid Conservation Systems has added secondary validation to its HWM PermaNet leak detection system. Once a leak has been identified, the new PermaNet+ gives operators three secondary options to check for false positives prior to team deployment: remote correlation, a detailed Aqualog noise graphic or the audio file transferred to the host PC. Every component of the PermaNet+ system is installed in the chamber, removing the need for expensive and disruptive aboveground installations. With multiple secondary validation options, false positives are reduced and efficiency increased as teams are sent only to validated leak locations.

Fluid Conservation Systems

UV disinfection

Xylem has launched two new models of its Wedeco Spektron ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for drinking water. The addition of the models means larger drinking water sites with flow rates higher than 2,000 m3/h may benefit from the Spektron series. The 2000e and 4000e models expand the series to 14 available systems and are ideal for drinking water treatment plants, increasing the maximum flow capacity to more than 4,000 cubic meters per hour (26 MGD). They feature low-pressure, high-power, 600-watt Ecoray lamp technology, reducing lamp count by up to 60%, minimizing maintenance and lowering energy costs.

Xylem Inc.

Transmittance monitor

Sensorex is now the sole supplier of the UVT-LED Transmittance Monitor, formerly known as the PearlSense T254. The compact monitor delivers fast, accurate transmittance readings in the field for water treatment plants. Transmittance measurement with the UVT-LED ensures proper ultraviolet dosing and efficient operation. The use of mercury-free UV-C LED bulbs results in a compact design, used as a handheld portable meter or an in-process instrument. The LED light source is ready for instant operation with zero warm-up time. Capable of battery and solar-powered operation, the UVT-LED offers long lamp life with little maintenance and low operating costs.


Cellular technology network

Aclara has introduced Metrum LTE™, the company's latest innovation in a product line designed to bring cellular connectivity to meters and other devices on utility networks. Built on 4G LTE, Metrum is an IP-enabled solution that leverages existing infrastructure investments, providing utilities with private, high-speed and secure networks using their own public key infrastructures. It makes existing devices more effective, with reliable and secure data transmissions that are communications-protocol neutral. It also allows direct communications to SCADA devices and commercial and residential meters, and enables utilities to do more on their networks, such as reconfiguring meters over the air.

Aclara Technologies LLC

Network planning, contract management

Trimble has announced availability of its Network Investment Management (NIM) and Right-of-Way (ROW) Management applications. Trimble's NIM application provides utilities with an up-to-date, cross-departmental view of network cost and value, return on network investment, and project status and efficiency. Estimated costs are updated automatically when network plans are modified, and actual project costs can be incorporated from an enterprise resource planning system. Trimble's ROW application utilizes its Network Information System's open-data model, automated workflows and integration with enterprise systems to streamline the process of acquiring, moving and renewing utility rights-of-way.



The new Muffin Monster® 10K Series from JWC Environmental combines superior waste grinding capabilities in a compact, easy-to-install unit that's perfectly suited to a variety of wastewater grinding applications. These grinders are now available in pipeline, open-channel and pump-station configurations that pack big power in a small package. The 10K Series incorporates the same benefits of the larger units, including low-speed operation, resulting in higher torque and less interrupts. The dual-shaft design actively pulls material into and through the hardened steel cutters, so the grinder can handle a wider variety of debris compared to single-shaft macerators and grinders.

JWC Environmental

Wastewater nano-treatment

Aqua Bio Technologies has announced the PrO2 series to treat wastewater with increased effectiveness and improved efficiency, saving costs, time and energy. The PrO2 Series works by inundating the aerobic bacteria with oxygen they need to consume large amounts of waste and render it harmless. Through cutting-edge nanotechnology, the PrO2 injects concentrated streams of oxygen-rich micro-bubbles into the targeted waste streams, enabling bacteria to consume up to 95% of organic waste. Not only does this result in dramatic reduction in sludge hauls, but the energy-efficiency of the PrO2 reduces aeration costs by 75% or more.

Aqua Bio Technologies

Rugged computer

Panasonic has announced the Toughbook® 54, a thin and light semi-rugged laptop used as a highly portable tool for mobile professionals needing durability, power and advanced feature sets. With a 5th-generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor, 11 hours of battery life and a wide range of integrated options, it is a reliable and versatile tool for mobile workers in demanding markets. Offering enhanced security, a full magnesium alloy case with handle and resistance to spills and drops, the Toughbook 54 is purpose-built for professionals who spend a significant amount of time working from the road or in the outdoors.


Membrane projection software

LG NanoH2O has launched version 2.3 of its Q+ reverse osmosis (RO) membrane projection software. Designed with an intuitive graphic interface, the latest version now features a batch calculator that enables users to run multiple projections at different temperatures, pH levels and membrane ages with just the click of a button. The software also includes LG NanoH2O's new GR high-rejection seawater RO membrane in both 400- and 440-square-foot configurations, plus five new brackish water membrane types to enable a variety of system projections.

LG NanoH2O Inc.

Submersible level transmitter

Mercoid Division of Dwyer Instruments has announced the release of its new series MBLT Miniature Submersible Level Transmitter with low-power voltage outputs for level monitoring in well and borehole applications. It is now available with a minimal 8-V power requirement in a range of voltage outputs ideal for remote level monitoring such as in telemetry applications. The MBLT is constructed for years of trouble-free service with a welded 316 SS body and nose cap. The body is also tapered to prevent damage or snares when pulling the unit out of narrow installation areas such as conduit.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Deburring tools

A smooth pipe end helps solvent spread evenly as pipe is joined. Reed's patented DEB1 Series Deburring Tools both deburr and produce a clean chamfer to manufacturers' standards in one revolution. The new DEB1IPS-INT is a 2-in-1 tool that fits the outer diameter pipe on one end and the inner diameter with the other, eliminating the need to buy two separate tools. The DEB1 offers knurled grip for slip-resistance and a durable aluminum body for longevity. Suitable for PVC, CPVC, PE, ABS, and PP, the DEB1IPS-INT fits 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch IPS pipe. Both blades are replaceable.

Reed Manufacturing Company

Meter reading technology

Kamstrup and Vodafone have partnered to provide the Cellular Internet of Things, a low-cost, high-performing meter-reading solution. Unique to IoT, the technology uses minimum battery life so that smart water meters have a longer lifetime and need to be replaced less frequently. Further, IoT reaches greater distances and depths than GSM, making it a cost-effective and viable option for water utilities, as water meters are often installed deep underground in steel pits. IoT makes it a reality for utilities to have a lower-cost, higher-performing remote meter-reading system.


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