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May 18, 2015
Collection of pums and systems products and services.
Centralized control system

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) has introduced a comprehensive, centralized control system that monitors, controls and protects low-voltage motor control systems. Scalable to any size motor control center (MCC), MOTORMAX is a turnkey system that ships to customers fully configured, tested and ready for immediate assembly into MCCs. High-speed arc-flash mitigation technology comes standard, and the system detects arc-flash events and trips upstream breakers to protect personnel. Another safety feature is its remote human-machine interface (HMI), which allows operators to control motors from a safe distance. The HMI displays warnings, alarms and status indication signals to maintenance and process personnel.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Grifter pump

The Moyno Grifter pump, with a capacity range between 1.7 and 4.0 m³/hour, incorporates a tri-hammer macerator and a Moyno progressing cavity pump, and is designed specifically for small-scale sewage handling at remote facilities. The Grifter's macerator provides highly effective protection for the pump, whose suction capacity draws sewage from the sump into the cutting chamber. Fibrous materials, paper and textiles are macerated by the impeller, while more solid objects fall out of suspension and back into the sump for removal. Its positive displacement action permits it to operate at slow speeds while still maintaining high head pressure.

Moyno Inc.

Submersible pumps

BJM Pumps has announced the new XP-KZN heavy-duty, submersible, explosion-proof pumps designed for tough conditions where explosion-proof, FM, C/US approval is needed. The XP-KZN features a top discharge, slim-line design with an agitator to suspend heavy slurries containing abrasive materials, as well as allow for an easy fit into tight, thin spaces. It features robust construction and unmatched design, making it able to outperform and outlast standard wastewater predecessors in harsh environments. The agitator helps keep solids suspended in liquid and helps prevent the pump from clogging, reducing capital and operating costs.

BJM Pumps

Intelligent pump drive

Yaskawa America's Drives & Motion Division has released the iQpump Micro intelligent pump drive, which provides simple, reliable, cost-effective micro-drive control for variable-torque pump loads through 25 HP. Yaskawa's iQpump drive family offers several package options while still maintaining ease of setup and diagnostics. The integrated pump-specific software allows for a wide range of pumping applications, from constant pressure, flow, geothermal, and multiple pump booster systems to wet-well lift stations and others. As process variables change, the iQpump automatically adjusts pump operating conditions to meet system demand, while also maintaining pump performance and protection.

Yaskawa America Inc.

Pump testing facility

Vanton has introduced its new renovated pump testing facility. Before leaving the factory, each pump undergoes extensive testing using digital electromagnetic flow meters and digital pressure transducers, which ensure accurate and reliable readings to two decimal points. Conforming to ANSI/Hydraulic Institute's Standard for Centrifugal Pump Testing, the assessment includes a performance test meeting customers' required Conditions of Service (COS). The pump's flow-rate is then recorded at varying points above and below the service condition. Motor amperage, volts and power factor are also logged at each flow point and archived for future reference.

Vanton Pump and Equipment Corp.

Grinder pumps, lift stations

Grundfos has pared its submersible SEG grinder pumps with its lift stations to produce a packaged system for collecting and transferring wastewater from buildings, municipal pressurized sewage systems and remote areas. The pumps transfer wastewater in pressurized systems and applications with relatively little flow and high pressure. They feature a unique cable plug, cartridge shaft seal assembly, and grinder system and SmartTrim. Grundfos' complete, ready-to-install lift station package is also designed with a polyethylene tank, stainless steel piping, and valves and controllers. It features a unique design, modular concept and corrosion-free materials.

Grundfos Pumps Corporation

Pump switchover

The Switcheroo is purpose-built to integrate any feed verification device into an automatic switchover duplex pump configuration. The controller is designed to accept any reed switch device and all popular devices available as well as a 4-20 mA input from volumetric measuring devices. The Switcheroo uses those outputs to trigger an automatic switchover from the primary to secondary pump.

Equip Solutions Inc.

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