Products & Services: Corrosion Control

May 15, 2015
Collection of corrosion control products and services.
Corrosion inhibitor

CorrBlock™ is a time-released, biodegradable corrosion inhibitor block for water treatment industries and marine ecosystems. This safe-to-handle and easy-to-apply block is formulated using renewable soybean-based wax and proven Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) technology. When immersed in water, it slowly dissolves and releases a calculated amount of inhibitors required for corrosion protection, which provide multi-metal protection and are an excellent replacement for chromates, nitrites and others. In addition to preventing corrosion and pitting, CorrBlock eliminates the need for dosing pumps and tanks for conventional liquid inhibitors as well as protects tools, work-pieces and metalworking machines during downtime.

Cortec Corporation

New polyurethanes

Sherwin-Williams' new line of fast-drying, high-build, solvent-free polyurethanes are designed for corrosion protection in the water conveyance piping market. The chemical- and abrasion-resistant Poly-Cote™ 110 Fast Set, 110 Rapid Set, 115, and 115FR provide a smooth, glossy finish and offer the hydrophobic properties of an epoxy while maintaining the durability, flexibility and fast cure times of a urethane. All products are NSF certified up to 250 mils. The Poly-Cote line provides optimal film build and aesthetic properties and has a wide range of acceptable dry film thicknesses.

Sherwin-Williams Company

Elastomeric lining

Blair Rubber's personnel are experienced in the correct analysis and processing of rubber compounds engineered to protect the highly
corrosive and abrasive environments encountered by water and wastewater treatment equipment. Numerous manufacturers have designed and supplied some of the most comprehensive water treatment and fluid processing equipment for various purification industries. Blair Rubber provides elastomeric lining specially designed to handle the resins and chemicals utilized in water and wastewater treatments. Enduraflex™ rubber linings are designed for minimal shrinkage in cure and offer good thermal stability. Installation requires exhaust steam or pressure cure vulcanization, resulting in longer lining life.

Blair Rubber Company

Ductile iron pipe protection

AA Thread's Polywrap is a cost-effective way to protect ductile iron pipe from outside corrosion. This method of protecting pipe is easy to install, and no special training or equipment is needed. As with all protection methods, proper installation is vital to success of this product. AA Thread provides several forms of Polywrap, from linear low-density pipe wrap to cross-laminated, high-density pipe wrap, as well as 10-MIL cross-laminated, high-density joint wrap to protect mechanical joints. All these products meet or exceed the ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5 requirements and are offered in a range of different tear-off lengths.

AA Thread Seal Tape Inc.

Ceramic epoxy

Tnemec's Series 431 Perma-Shield® PL is a high-performance, ceramic-modified epoxy lining for ductile iron and steel pipe designed for wastewater immersion and fume environments. Formulated for the most aggressive sewer environments, it offers advanced permeation, abrasion and chemical resistance. It can also withstand 2,500 psi hydrocleaning, and its light-green color makes it easy to inspect. Further, it provides low permeation to H2S gas, protects against MIC and provides chemical resistance to steel, ductile iron pipe and fittings for severe wastewater. A coal-tar free, resin-rich formulation with low pigment volume concentration (PVC) is offered for maximum performance.

Tnemec Co. Inc.

Anti-microbial additive

Conshield produces a unique anti-microbial additive for concrete, which prevents MIC in sanitary sewer environments. This liquid additive provides protection throughout the entire thickness of concrete and cannot pinhole, delaminate or wear off like coatings that are applied only to the surface. Conshield's Crystal-X product line offers economical and effective waterproofing protection of new and existing concrete sewer pipe and manholes as well as dams, reservoirs, bridge decks, foundations, sewage and water treatment plants, tunnels, subway systems, and virtually any other concrete structure where water damage may occur.

Conshield Technologies Inc.

Epoxy coating

Powercrete® R-95 from Farwest is a high-build, solvent-free novolac epoxy coating designed for protecting new line pipes and pipeline rehabilitation projects. It operates at temperatures up to 95˚C (203˚F) and can be used for extra protection on top of FBE mainline coatings or as a direct-to-metal coating when an increased temperature and chemical resistance is required.

Farwest Corrosion Control Company

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