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Jan. 26, 2015
Collection of Lab, Sampling, and Analysis products and services.
Lab testing facilities

WesTech offers complete laboratory testing facilities to assist in project planning, and its laboratory technicians are specialists in filtration, sedimentation and flotation. Careful testing and analysis of a sample can provide answers to difficult process problems, helping to establish design parameters and size equipment based upon bench scale testing results. Comprehensive reports are sent to the customer, and the information is then used to discuss the most effective water or wastewater treatment options with WesTech process experts. Its bench scale units are also available for rental or purchase.

WesTech Engineering

COD analyzer

JM Science's Quick COD Analyzer Model HC-607 provides fast, accurate analyses and is easy to use with coulometric titration. A revision of the electrode material frees the user from performing multiple blank measurements and speeds up and stabilizes measurement operations. Main functions include: Automatic checks for KMnO4, sensitive and accurate end-point detection; range settings that are user-defined; automatic calculation of sample statistics; data storage for 99 sample determinations; automatic method conversion; uploading of data to a laptop or PC; automatic blank value compensation; and screen display of error messages.

JM Science

Water quality testing kits

For microbiological and physicochemical testing of water in a variety of settings, Palintest offers a full range of Wagtech-branded comprehensive water quality testing kits. In environments from emergency response to remote long-term monitoring, the kits bring the lab to the sample, delivering reliable measurement of multiple parameters in a convenient, portable case. The kits allow all levels of users to quickly and effectively test all parameters of concern using simple but highly accurate procedures. Testing protocols conform to WHO guidelines for assessment of potable water.

Palintest USA

TOC analyzers

GE Analytical develops state-of-the-art total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers that offer simplicity, convenience and analytical performance. The new Sievers M5310 C Analyzer is engineered to optimize raw and finished water monitoring processes. Available in lab, portable and online models, the M5310 C is designed to meet rigorous regulatory requirements, including EPA's Disinfection Byproducts Rule. Technology and feature enhancements yield, for example, two-minute readings and dual-stream efficiency that are twice as fast. The M5310 C promotes simple operation and optimal data utilization.

GE Analytical Instruments

Chromatography data system

Agilent Technologies has introduced an enhanced version of OpenLAB CDS: Peak Explorer for single-click peak integration and intelligent reporting. These features boost sample throughput for laboratories, processing large numbers of complex samples. Peak Explorer is a visualization module that speeds review of complex chromatographic data and enables users to browse multiple sample runs containing multiple peaks -- including entire sequences -- rapidly, in one data review window. Users can manually integrate peaks with a single mouse-click, and historic results can be compared, as there are no changes to the integration algorithm.

Agilent Technologies

Laboratory benchtop meters

Hanna Instruments' HI 2314 Conductivity Meter with Manual Temperature Compensation provides a simple-to-use, cost-effective method of measuring conductivity. It utilizes a four-ring potentiometric probe with a platinum sensor that offers wider measurement ranges and increased accuracy over amperometric designs. The probe works on the principal of induction, which eliminates the effects of polarization. Two outer rings apply an alternating voltage and induce a current loop in the solution, while two inner rings measure the voltage drop induced by the current.

Hanna Instruments

UV digester

Modern Water has launched the UVI4000, an ultraviolet (UV) benchtop digester that provides a quick treatment of organic compounds in aqueous samples, enabling more accurate sample analysis. While other UV digesters may require protective glasses or a fume cupboard, the UVI4000 needs no special setup or protective arrangements. It has a direct sample input/output and is easily connected to a computer via a USB. The user-friendly control program, which displays the process as it happens, allows both the sample output volume (from 10 to 100 mL) and irradiation time (1 to 60 minutes) to be easily controlled.

Modern Water

Coliform testing

The PolyScience Coliform Bath is specially designed for fecal coliform and E. coli testing. It features an ambient +10°C to 135°C temperature range, ±0.7°C temperature stability and 28-liter reservoir, and it is equipped with the company's economical MX temperature controller. Suitable for AWWA, WEF and EPA fecal coliform determinations as well as other standard coliform and E. coli tests, the Coliform Bath is equipped with a hinged see-through gable cover, a single-speed pump, user-adjustable temperature alarms, calibration capability, and a chemical-resistant top plate. Its intuitive MX controller makes temperature and operational changes particularly simple and straightforward.


Monitoring system

INFICON's CMS5000 Monitoring System is a self-contained system utilizing gas chromatograph technology for continuous, unattended remote monitoring of air or water. The system performs complex analyses during environmental remediation. The programmable CMS IQ software allows users to manage the sample collection and analysis sequence, or they can simply use one of the included default methods. Further, the analytical data is representative of actual conditions at the time of sampling. Designed as a stationary instrument, the CMS5000 is ideal for long-term VOC monitoring, with minimal operator intervention required.


Surface, groundwater sampling

AMS surface and groundwater sampling products have been designed to take liquid samples for identifying water quality problems and can be used at discrete depths in a variety of applications, including drums, tanks, lakes, and other surface and groundwater bodies. Sampling site requirements can vary from site to site, including volume of water needed for accurate sample collection, field parameters being researched and many others. AMS offers sampling products that can accommodate these site requirements and variations.

AMS Inc.

Turbidity, chlorine and color meter

The LTC3000 from LaMotte is a benchtop turbidity, chlorine and color meter with wide range and high accuracy. The turbidity range is 0-4,000 NTU with a MDL of 0.05 NTU, and the free and total chlorine range is 0-10 ppm with an MDL of 0.03 ppm. The meter can store 500 data points, allows seven different languages and runs on rechargeable batteries or a USB computer/wall adapter. It is supplied with 0, 1 and 10 NTU standards, a sample bottle, six sample tubes, 100 free and total chlorine DPD tablets, and a USB cable and computer/wall adapter.

LaMotte Company


Thermo Scientific's Orion™ AquaMate™ Spectrophotometers are ideal instruments for water and wastewater analysis laboratories, combining innovative technology, compact design and accurate results. Depending on the needs of the lab, choose the AquaMate 7000 Vis Spectrophotometer for 325- to 1100-nm wavelengths, or choose the AquaMate 8000 UV-Vis with full 190- to 1100-nm wavelengths for a greater range of measurement options. Also use current chemistry reagents with no need to change. The AquaMate preprogrammed methods are compatible with many leading reagent manufacturers.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Laboratory respirometer

Bioscience's BI-2000 respirometer offers ease of use, stability and precision in automatic, computer-controlled aerobic/anaerobic biodegradability, biotreatability and bioremediation testing, as well as toxicity screening surveys and bioaugmentation analysis. Designed for superior flexibility and expandability, it is ideal for monitoring microbial metabolism in soil, wastewater and groundwater. The BI-2000 manages the experimental process, allowing users to review acquired data in tabular/graphical form, save data for subsequent processing and more.

Bioscience Inc.

Water analysis kit

Gastec Water Analysis Kits for testing water contamination from Nextteq are accurate and easy to use. The kits come complete and ready to use, and no batteries or power source is necessary. Gastec's detector tubes offer advanced technology, providing more accurate and reliable analysis with lower standard deviation. A direct-read scale printed on each tube means faster sampling time with no confusion, dual scales or concentration charts. To ensure the highest levels of quality, Gastec products are manufactured in ISO-9001 certified facilities.

Nextteq LLC

Automated chemistry analyzer

Ideal for running samples to perform ongoing daily monitoring for water quality and/or regulatory compliance in wastewater facility or environmental lab settings, the new FS 3700 from OI Analytical, a Xylem brand, can improve productivity in measuring cyanide, nitrate/nitrite, phosphate, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN), ammonia, and many other parameters.

OI Analytical, a Xylem brand

Water purification cartridges

LabStrong now manufactures two new economical replacement water purification cartridges for Thermo Scientific Barnstead Mega-Pure Deionizer Accessories. The cartridges are suitable for operation in the Mega-Pure Single (D1) or Dual (D2) Cartridge Deionizer Systems and the MP-12A Glass Stills. They also enhance the performance of Mega-Pure Glass Stills by reducing scale buildup and increasing distillate purity.

Labstrong Corporation

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