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Jan. 27, 2015
Collection of new products for the municipal drinking water and wastewater markets.
Hollow fiber product line

Koch Membrane Systems offers its PURON® MP hollow fiber product line. This ultrafiltration cartridge is designed for high-solids water and wastewater applications, including surface water treatment, reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment and tertiary wastewater treatment. PURON MP simplifies operation, eliminates clarifier pretreatment in many applications, minimizes downtime, and reduces chemical usage to provide a lower total cost of ownership. It features an average continuous solids tolerance of up to 250 mg/L as well as an advanced cartridge design for better solids management and a virtually unbreakable reinforced hollow fiber for superior reliability.

Koch Membrane Systems Inc.

Flow meter

Blue-White's DIGI-METER® Micro-Flo with analog output displays flow rate and accumulated total flow and features 4-20 mA/0-10 VDC circuitries for low-flow applications. Units include an NPN open collector output for communication with SCADA systems, and flow ranges include 30-7,000 mL/min. Connection options include: 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" threaded connection and 1/4" and 3/8" OD tubing connections. A clear PVC viewing lens allows for visual confirmation of flow, and a PVDF chemical-resistant lens is also available. The meter is field programmable via a front panel touch pad, or it can be factory programmed.

Blue-White Industries

Constant pressure drives

Franklin Electric's SubDrive family of constant pressure drives provides easy setup and configuration through advanced features and Wi-Fi connectivity for simplified monitoring and troubleshooting. Featuring a NEMA 3R (Type-3) enclosure, the drive is rated for both indoor and outdoor use, and offers Wi-Fi capability through the FE Connect mobile app. Once configured, it allows real-time monitoring of key system data; adjustment of advanced features and settings to optimize the system to users' specific application; and access to their fault history of up to 500 detailed entries that can be emailed for enhanced troubleshooting capability.

Franklin Electric

Portable analyzer

The Hach SL1000 Portable Parallel AnalyzerTM platform is designed and engineered to dramatically streamline water quality testing. It offers faster testing of multiple parameters, greatly reduced variability from test to test and operator to operator, and significantly less hassle than traditional testing methods. The platform is the only handheld drinking water instrument able to test up to four colorimetric and two probe-based parameters simultaneously, eliminating the need to run multiple tests back-to-back, saving time and money. Designed for drinking water distribution systems and treatment plants, it enables operators to be confident in their results.

Hach Company

DC motor, control package

Groschopp has introduced a reliable, robust and economical brushless DC motor and control package. Its family of brushless DC motors and gear motors has been tested for pairings with the brushless DC control product line, giving engineers a motor and control package designed for optimal operation. Groschopp's brushless motors are highly efficient and provide high power density, all in a compact design. The closed-loop controls are designed to deliver commutated power and variable speed control, maintaining excellent speed regulation over a wide range of loads.

Groschopp Inc.

Modeling tool

Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) has designed the Water Application Value Engine (WAVE), a new digital modeling tool for customers that will save time and increase efficiency for evaluating components as well as designing water treatment systems. The tool was beta-launched to a pilot group of DW&PS customers in November and is expected to launch commercially in 2015. The tool combines ultrafiltration modules, reverse osmosis membranes and ion exchange resins into one fully integrated tool that enables users to project accurate water quality predictions for single- or multiple-unit water treatment designs utilizing DW&PS technologies.

Dow Water & Process Solutions

Gas feed system

Severn Trent Services' Chlorination SAFE Station (CSS) is an all-inclusive gas feed system that relieves the design burden of end users while increasing safety. It is composed of an insulated fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) building, gas feed equipment, gas detectors, scales, scrubber, controls, and safety equipment. The building stores up to 15 cylinders in operating, standby or empty containers, and the CSS includes a 150-pound, low-profile, EST™ type DHS 400 dry emergency chlorine scrubber engineered to treat accidental gas releases of chlorine/sulphur dioxide at a leak rate in accordance with UFC requirements.

Severn Trent Services

Stormwater management software

Oldcastle Precast's concrete Storm Capture® Module System, a total stormwater management system, has been incorporated into HydroCAD's software, a computer-aided design tool used by civil engineers. Storm Capture has many solutions for detention, retention, treatment, and harvesting that involve a combination of many parts designed to meet stormwater management needs. Its chambers can be easily modeled with HydroCAD's modeling system, allowing simplified calculation of its storage and infiltration behavior. The HydroCAD Chamber Wizard also performs automated system layouts and simplifies the process of designing a Storm Capture Module system while meeting specific storage and footprint requirements.

Oldcastle Precast Inc.

Grinder pumps, lift stations

Grundfos has pared its submersible SEG grinder pumps with its lift stations to produce a packaged system for collecting and transferring wastewater from buildings, municipal pressurized sewage systems and remote areas. The pumps transfer wastewater in pressurized systems and applications with relatively little flow and high pressure. They feature a unique cable plug, cartridge shaft seal assembly and grinder system and SmartTrim. Grundfos' complete, ready-to-install lift station package is also designed with a polyethylene tank, stainless steel piping and valves and controllers. It features a unique design, modular concept and corrosion-free materials.

Grundfos Pumps Corporation

Harmonic filter models

MTE Corporation has announced its new 600-V, 60-Hz and 690-V, 50-Hz harmonic filter models available from 6 to 786 amps, providing mitigation solutions and options to damaging and costly harmonics. Operating at over 99% efficiency, MTE's Matrix AP harmonic filters address the demand for improved power quality, providing users with efficient harmonic mitigation in a passive filter. Incorporating MTE's patented Adaptive Passive technology, the filters are able to quickly adapt their impedance in response to changing electrical loads. Further, the Matrix AP maintains filtering performance over a wider load, including mitigating harmonic distortion at low loads.

MTE Corporation

Imaging particle analysis system

Fluid Imaging Technologies has introduced a new patent-pending application for its dynamic imaging particle analysis system, FlowCAM®. A WWTP in Augusta, Ga., used the instrument to monitor methanogens in its anaerobic digestion process to find a correlation with methane production. The effectiveness of this process is determined by the methanogen population, and improving it could lead to increased production and cost reductions. The study showed there may be a correlation between the bacilli-shaped microorganisms imaged by FlowCAM and methane production. The basic morphology and frequency of testing through this image analysis allows for effective population dynamic studies.

Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.

Drill rig

Little Beaver has added the new LS400T+ drill rig to its Lone Star Drills line for water well and geothermal drilling in challenging soils. The unit is significantly heavier than the next largest rigs, allowing drillers to more efficiently power through tough soils. The LS400T+ weighs 7,700 lbs, can dig to depths of 400 ft., and offers 15,000 lbs of pullback force and 9,000 lbs of pushback force, ultimately requiring less anchoring. The rig can also be towed with the same vehicles used to haul smaller drill rigs and accommodates 10-ft. drill pipe, allowing teams to quickly reach target depths.

Little Beaver

Copper theft alarm solution

Net Irrigate has announced WireRat® 4.0, a copper theft alarm solution for center pivot irrigation systems and additional agriculture equipment. The technology offers farmers the ability to better protect the valuable copper wire on their pivot irrigation systems and other equipment by immediately sending alerts to their phone when a span cable is cut. It works seamlessly with all brands of center pivots and requires no external power. It has the ability to self-test by simulating span cable cuts without causing equipment damage, and it also auto-tests the wire every month, ensuring the alarm is not compromised during off-seasons.

Net Irrigate

Recessed impeller pump

Dragflow's no-clog Pump EL60 RI is the first of its upcoming series of Recessed Impeller Pumps and ensures the passage of solids (up to 100 mm through the pump casing), avoiding the risk of clogging and increasing pump efficiency. Flowing solids are quickly discharged, reducing internal recirculation, so the hydraulic efficiencies and pump wear life are increased as well. Due to the natural flow of the fluid through the casing, fragile solids can pass through the pump with minimum risk of damage. The pump is also available with Dragflow's Agitator or Chopper, used separately or combined.


Wireless water usage monitoring

WaterSignal has announced the launch of its Generation-5-model wireless monitoring system. The new configuration creates faster connections, expands geographic reach and adds services to help customers conserve water. The system is a self-contained, non-intrusive device that continuously measures water flow in real time and sends data wirelessly to a website portal to view the water consumption by the month, day or hour. If a major leak occurs, it alerts the user by computer or smartphone that an abnormal water spike has occurred.


AC drive

The VACON® 100 X is a decentralized drive solution equipped with advanced control capabilities, and it supports both induction and permanent magnet motors up to 50 HP (37 kW). The system's UL Type 4X (IP 66) enclosure extends the range of possibilities for all outdoor installations, as well as heat, dirt and vibration. It is rated for 0-100% relative humidity, 3-g vibration resistance, 25-g shock for 6 ms (3M7 acc. to IEC 60721-3-31), and operating temperatures from 10°C to 40°C (up to 60°C with current derating).


Mapping software

Widespread adoption of GIS software can be hampered by complex offerings requiring data experts for operation. As such, Pitney Bowes has introduced the release of MapInfo Pro 64 bit, which simplifies map production and enables businesses to quickly and easily create and analyze important geographic data. Built on MapInfo technology, the software simplifies and democratizes mapmaking for everyday business functions. With an intuitive user interface, live editing capabilities and geomapping functionalities, MapInfo Pro 64 bit cuts training time for users down by 70%, from two weeks to two days, enabling companies to see their data sooner and drive innovation.

Pitney Bowes

Rugged tablet

Janam Technologies has announced the launch of XT1, a light and rugged mini tablet that supports the Android™ operating system. The XT1 combines best-in-class technologies with a sleek and rugged form factor, providing mobile workers with the information they need to make better informed decisions, increase customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiencies. Equipped with integrated 2D barcode scanning technology to eliminate the challenges often associated with camera scanners or bulky sled attachments, it is designed to improve worker productivity in a variety of applications.

Janam Technologies LLC

Leak noise amplifier

Fluid Conservation Systems' portable S30 Surveyor amplifies underground pipe leaks for identification and localization. The system can be used as both a contact sensor at distribution access points and as a ground microphone. It includes an adjustable analog meter, aviator-quality headphones and a collapsible probe and sensor, packaged in a durable Pelican case. The sensor is placed in contact with any access point on the distribution system, and the console amplifies any leak noise present through the headphones. By listening at several points in a given area and comparing noise intensity, leak location can be localized.

Fluid Conservation Systems

Trend analysis tool

Hadronex has announced a new trend analysis tool, SmartTrend™ which enables SmartCover® users to receive advisories, informing them of trends occurring at remote monitoring sites in the collection system. Advisories predict trends leading to potential future SSO or CSO alarms, and SmartTrend software preempts reactive and costly alarm responses by enabling a proactive, pre-alarm, planned response. SmartCover is a real-time sewer level monitoring system that monitors wastewater collection systems, generating data for profiling capacity or I/I assessment. Powered by advanced analytical algorithms, SmartTrend assesses trends and sends text message or email advisories concerning a developing condition.

Hadronex Inc.

Piping system

Asahi/America has reintroduced the Poly-Flo® co-extruded, double-containment piping system. Available in black PE and euro grey PP-R, Poly-Flo is ideal for installations with space constraints and systems where thermal expansion and contraction are present. The SDR-designed system includes full-pressure, drainage and machined fittings. It is also available in 1 x 1-1/2, 2 x 3 and 4 x 6 inches and operates up to 150 psi at 68˚F. Because of its unitary construction, Poly-Flo pipe and fittings act like a single wall system, helping prevent failures often seen in fabricated systems.

Asahi/America Inc.

Pipe coupling

Baldor Electric has announced a new addition to its Baldor-Dodge coupling product offering -- the QD bushed Para-Flex coupling. The Baldor-Dodge Para-Flex QD (PXQD) product line is available in sizes PX50 through PX200, with torque ratings through 82,500 in-lbs. PXQD flanges offer greater bore capacity, allowing customers to save money by downsizing their coupling selections. The QD bushing allows for easy installation and removal with minimal shaft damage, reducing overall replacement costs.

Baldor Electric Company

Pump switchover

The Switcheroo is a simple way to bring auto switchover to any two-pump application. It is purpose-built to integrate any feed verification device into an automatic switchover duplex pump configuration. The technology is also a simple controller designed to accept any Reed Switch Device and other popular devices available today, as well as a 4-20 mA input from volumetric measuring devices such as oval or magnetic gear meters. The Switcheroo uses those outputs (loss of feed) to trigger an automatic switchover from the primary to secondary pump, both of which plug directly into the system.

Equip Solutions Inc.

Handheld calibrator

The New Heise® PTE-2 handheld calibrator from Ashcroft features a new design and added features, including a USB port, SD card, backlit LCD, and an onboard loop power supply. Like the original, the PTE-2 incorporates Quick-Select™ modules to measure pressures ranging from 25" H2O through 10,000 psi and temperature over a wide range with RTDs or thermocouples. A current and voltage input can also be displayed simultaneously with two other measurements, while 16,000 records can be data-logged for historical reference. An IP65-rated enclosure and agency approvals make the PTE-2 an all-in-one ideal solution for field calibration.

Ashcroft Inc.

Sludge conditioning

World Water Works has announced the addition of the Ideal S-Select®, a new sludge conditioning technology that solves floating or bulking sludge in conventional activated sludge (CAS) wastewater treatment systems. The patent-pending system is a biological selection process that classifies for denser, faster-settling bacteria to return to the CAS process, while wasting the undesirable, hard-to-settle bacteria. The new process improves clarifier performance and consistency of treatment, as well as potentially increases capacity of existing activated sludge processes. The technology is highly customizable and can be installed while a plant is operating normally.

World Water Works

Variable frequency drives

Schneider Electric has announced the release of Altivar® 1260, a range of medium-voltage variable frequency drives from 700 to 7,500 HP, available in 3.3-KV or 4.16-KV output voltage ratings. The flexible, high-performance drive is ideally suited for large pump, fan and compressor applications and complements Schneider's broad portfolio of bundled power solutions. Altivar 1260 is a high-technology, motor-friendly drive combining MV-IGBT topology with a straight-forward modular design. Its medium-voltage drive is an air-cooled voltage source inverter, able to be applied to both synchronous and induction AC motors.

Schneider Electric

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