Product Review: Ion Exchange & Filtration System

Nov. 1, 2009

Complete rainwater reuse

Bord na Móna's American subsidiary introduced a full range of residential and commercial rainwater harvesting products for wastewater reuse/recycling applications. These packaged solutions are offered directly to green build developers, self-builders and homeowners retrofitting rainwater recycling into their houses. Included are skid-mounted units and recycling components for builders & owners of commercial properties, such as schools, universities, office buildings and industrial water reuse applications. The company also now offers a packaged subsurface drip irrigation solution with an upstream filter and required controls. Joining its Puraflo® Peat Fiber Biofilter system, and a range of decentralized wastewater treatment technologies, it also will soon introduce the PuraMc® Compact Membrane system. And it's developing a greywater recycling system for the U.S. residential market as well. This leverages the company's experience in offering similar products in European markets. Bord na Móna Plc., Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland,

Submersible pump

Pump maker ABS introduced its ABS EffeX, a new comprehensive range of submersible sewage pumps driven by premium-efficiency motors that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. The advanced technology gives higher pump reliability, fewer blockages (with free solids passage of at least 75 mm) and lower operational costs. The new pump range also matches well with anticipated legislation in many countries regarding higher motor efficiency – its IE3 motor is designed and tested in accordance with IEC 60034-30 – together with improved hydraulics for submersible pumping. ABS Group AB, Malmö, Sweden,

Rainwater catchment, reuse

To meet growing demand for rainwater harvesting, Wavin – a leading supplier of water management and drainage systems – extended its offering with a new range of Rainwater Re-Use Systems available in 2,000, 3,000 and even 4,000 litre capacities that can save up to 50% in water consumption. They bring a significant reduction in water use within the home, making an important contribution to achieving needs of Category 2 in the Code for Sustainable Homes and ensuring homebuilders adhere to the government scheme. The lightweight, robust polyethylene units are easy to install, use and maintain, integrating with Wavin's total rainwater and drainage solutions. Tanks are designed to connect together to increase overall capacity for larger domestic properties or small commercial outlets. Wavin Ltd., Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK, No. 120

Rainwater recycling guide

Rainwater harvesting and re-use is an increasingly important topic for public bodies, commercial enterprises and householders alike, and Hydro International's experience is reflected in a new Design Guide for its StormBank and StormBank Pro systems. Recycling rainwater for non-potable use in toilet flushing, vehicle washing, garden or yard watering can provide up to 50% of daily household needs, and 30-40% of commercial or office requirements. Payback on reduced mains water usage charges can be within a few years, especially for commercial systems. Rainwater recycling also helps reduce flood risk as it slows discharge of rainwater to drainage. The Hydro StormBank® Design Guide explores issues behind recycling, including UK water shortages, climate change and the Save The Rain™ campaign initiative ( with its objective of making rainwater harvesting compulsory on all new build in the UK. Hydro International - Stormwater Division, Clevedon, UK,

Mega vacuum tanker

Despite economic conditions, the Lanes Group has invested in still more advanced technology, with purchase of a custom-built DISAB Centurion High Performance Vacuum unit at a cost of £270,000. The Swedish system was added to Lanes' plant fleet due to its high workflow rate, vacuuming at 8,500 cubic feet per minute (cfm), compared with the 800 cfm operation of standard jet vac tankers. It's ideal for a range of industries like steel, cement, power, heating, paper – as well as wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and about any industrial tank. Lanes for Drains, Leeds, UK,

Rainwater, greywater filtration

Along with a new brochure, Guide to British Standard BS 8515, offering rules for related products, Kingspan Environmental has created a new umbrella brand, KingspanWater, for all its sustainable water solutions, including rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling products. Its existing product portfolio of Envireau, Raintrap, above-ground commercial Rainstore, and domestic Rainstore waterbutts, will be united under this banner, as well as its Ezy-Filter greywater recycling system launched in summer 2008. Applications include domestic properties, residential developments, commercial and local authorities. Kingspan Environmental Ltd., Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland,

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