Show Preview: IDA World Congress, Pollutec & Power-Gen Int'l

Nov. 1, 2009

Desalination, water reuse & ZLD

Aquatech expanded its WATERTRAK™ pre-engineered water treatment components to include six new L Series product lines. These include multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, RO systems and water softeners. With them, industrial operations can benefit by reducing dependence on external water supplies, and save money by buying less freshwater and discharging less waste. All feature Aquatech's TRAKlink™ technology to simplify connections and integrate components, thus pre-engineering out many installation and start-up delays. Designs are created to work as standalone units or be easily integrated into system packages. Aquatech International Corp., Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA,

World Desalination Congress Stands 6/7/8/9 and Power-Gen Int'l Booth C1-862

Clean the extreme

Currenta, the operator of Chempark (with sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen), offers waste management services across Europe. A joint venture of Bayer AG and Lanxess AG, it treats, recycles and disposes of waste, especially from chemical processes, in an environmental way. Integrated within a European network of partners from the waste management sector, Currenta also offers services such as iodine and solvent recycling, thermal treatment of composite materials and incineration of wastewater byproducts that can't be handled by wastewater treatment plants. All services can be ordered individually or as part of total care packages. Currenta GmbH & Co., Leverkusen, Germany,

Pollutec Stand G/086

RO membrane antiscalants

BASF will introduce a new portfolio with antiscalants for RO membrane processes at the IDA World Desalination Congress in Dubai on Nov. 7-12. Sokalan® RO additives for the use in desalination processes have outstanding scale-inhibiting performance and low environmental impact. Specialty products are available for silica inhibition or against iron fouling. Their use results in longer operation times of RO desalination plants without cleaning. Compatible with major available membranes and approved in many MED and MSF desalination plants, the products are either phosphorus free or have a low phosphorus content. BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany,

World Desalination Congress Stands 85/86 and Power-Gen Int'l Booth C5-213


Degremont Technologies, a division of Degrémont SA and subsidiary of SUEZ Environnement, has packaged two new products dedicated to seawater treatment and pre-treatment, Seadaf™ and Seaclean™. The first, a dissolve air flotation system, has prototypes installed at Europe's biggest desalination plant in Barcelona. The second is a pressurized dual media filter already in development at the Barka (Oman) and Al Dur (Bahraïn) desalination plants. This unique range is completed by Seapro™, which offers integrated solutions and technologies optimising costs, deadlines and engineering capabilities. Degrémont Technologies, Paris, France,

World Desalination Congress 71/72/73/74 and Pollutec T/048

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