DuPont Water Solutions delivers low conductivity water for UAE production facilities

May 24, 2019
Project reduces strain on fresh water resources in the region.

AJMAN, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, MAY 24, 2019 -- DuPont Water Solutions, offering its industry-leading knowledge on sustainable water management, provided technical assistance to the Safi plant in Ajman to install and manage the system, which produces low conductivity water for the production facilities and helps provide fresh water to the water-scarce region.

"This project aligns with the UAE vision 2021 to preserve water resources, as well as improves the quality of air, increases the contribution of clean energy, and implements green growth plants," said Gurvan Dersel, General Manager at Safi Water. The Safi water treatment plant has been named Project of the Year in the Water category by MEED for installation of an integrated membrane system. "We are honored by MEED's recognition of the value and quality of this project from the design through the engineering and construction, as well as our technical collaboration with DuPont to advance our capabilities at the plant and improve the quality of life for the people of Ajman."

The MEED Projects Awards has become a hallmark of quality and achievement, celebrating excellence for operators in the Gulf Corporation Council projects sector. Winning projects consider the value and quality of a project and are selected for their high standard of work, adherence to budget and client satisfaction in a healthy and safe working environment from construction throughout their entire life cycle – from the design concept through to engineering and construction, and its wider contribution to society and the environment.

Constructed in 2010 and then extended with DuPont technology in 2016, the Safi plant was designed to desalinate estuary water as a means to reduce stress on fresh water resources in the region. The extended plant employs a two-stage system that first utilizes IntegraPac™ IP-77-XP Ultrafiltration for pretreatment of the water. Then, FILMTEC™ BW30XFR-400/34 Reverse Osmosis elements – a spiral wound, fouling resistant membrane for brackish water – are employed for the second stage.

Process data via DuPont's innovative, proprietary software, WAVE, shows how the pre-treatment stage in the system minimizes membrane fouling, which in turn lowers required system feed pressure and the need for frequent membrane cleanings. In addition, the duel-stage approach reduces not only capital investments and operating costs, but also the environmental footprint of the plant.

"The water table of the UAE has dropped about one meter per year for the past 30 years, a rate that would deplete its natural fresh water resources in about fifty years. It is therefore critical for this region to take steps that ensure long-term sustainable water management," said HP Nanda, Global Vice President and General Manager at DuPont Water Solutions. "This tremendous honor further validates the cutting-edge work of the entire Safi Water team and highlights the success of this integrated treatment approach to help the industry solve these pivotal resource challenges and improve the efficiency of water management around the globe."

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