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Sept. 1, 2018
Hach’s Claros system harnesses information from instrument management, data management, and process management to deliver guided insights for optimized plant operations.

Water Intelligence System helps operators eliminate uncertainty, increase confidence

Changing regulations, unpredictable influent levels, unplanned instrument downtime, irregular samples and incorrect data logging are all problems plant operators face. Without a clear picture of their water or data, operators face uncertainty about efficiency and compliance. With 17 percent of U.S. wastewater treatment plants receiving penalties for compliance issues (Jan.-Aug. 2017), there’s a clear need for a solution.

Imagine the time savings, cost reductions, and peace of mind that a complete “water intelligence system” could provide.

Channeling 70 years of instrument expertise and 25 years of software development in wastewater treatment, the Claros™ Water Intelligence System from Hach® addresses three critical areas: instrument management, data management, and process management, harnessing information to deliver guided insights for optimized plant operations.

The Claros Water Intelligence System focuses on instrument, data, and process management to help reduce uncertainty and increase operational confidence.

Is Your Instrument Due for Maintenance?

Sludge. Scaling. Toilet paper. Probes at wastewater plants have a dirty job and need proper maintenance and calibration — even process equipment needs attention. Keeping instruments well-maintained means you can trust measurement data.

Prognosys™ predictive diagnostics helps plant operators stay in front of instrument maintenance and calibration, reducing unplanned downtime and errant measurements. Mobile Sensor Management provides status alerts for all connected instruments within a single view, allowing operators to see their system’s complete performance. Better instrument management helps reduce unplanned downtime, and lets operators know if changes to measurement data are because of an instrument or the water.

Do You Have the Data You Need When You Need It?

Data on its own doesn’t ensure compliance or reduce costs. Claros provides the insights into your data that can make the difference between optimization and compliance woes. Data traceability helps pinpoint where a data error may have occurred; quick data compiling available in a central location provides accurate views of critical parameters. Water Information Management Solution (WIMS) software combines water system data sources in a central, secure database, providing the tools needed for electronic and paper reporting, analysis, and monitoring. When investigating data, the filters, drill-downs and custom forms help operators find insights hidden in raw data.

Are You Wasting Money on Over treatment?

There is a certain rhythm to wastewater influent, but there’s no way to predict an unexpected peak load — so process management is crucial to ensuring cost-effective plant operation leading to compliance. Claros Real-Time Control Solutions (RTC) measure water continuously, providing major cost-savings opportunities such as reducing chemical dosing and basin-blower run time, helping you stay in compliance while using the least amount of chemicals and energy.

Are You Ready to Sign That Report?

With a complete picture of a plant’s instrument, data, and process information, you’ll gain the insights needed for optimization. Proactive maintenance means less unplanned instrument downtime. Crucial operations can be automated around-the-clock. Data compiled from multiple sources provides actionable insights, so you can run your plant efficiently and sign that report with confidence. WW

Hach is exhibiting at WEFTEC.18, booth 3617. For more information, visit hach.com.

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