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Dec. 18, 2014
Collection of Management Software & Systems products and services.
Control software

Euclides Technologies is an integration and implementation specialist with the ClickSoftware Service Optimization Suite. This tool assists companies in water service sector with the process of creating optimal service schedules. Clients using this software have the ability to monitor and control any element that challenges daily service operation, including real-time data communication with the field using mobile devices, travel and route optimization including map view and 360-degree visibility of all work and work types in a centralized system.

Euclides Technologies

Customer engagement, data analytics system

WaterSmart Software has announced the release of the Utility Analytics Dashboard, a customer engagement and data analytics management platform that features program reporting, geospatial analysis tools, customer relationship management capabilities, and robust usage segmentation analytics modules. It helps water managers quickly glean information about the performance and ROI of their various engagement and efficiency programs and enables alerts and reports regarding leaks and other status updates. Features include data visibility, alerts and reports, enhanced customer service, and one-click data downloads.

WaterSmart Software

Asset management software

Oracle's Utilities Work and Asset Management provides utilities with increased visibility into work planning information and enables them to become proactive in tracking, evaluating and replacing assets to increase enterprise reliability. Enhancements within the failure mode and effects analysis tool include both preventive maintenance plans and corrective action work templates. The tool also allows users to associate failures to specific components within an asset to ensure they can document and develop more comprehensive maintenance strategies. It offers enhanced condition assessment functionality to better support capital planning, and utilities can automatically calculate a total condition score based on multiple inspection assessments.

Oracle Utilities

Pipe transit designer

Roxtec has released its free software, Roxtec Transit Designer. The tool simplifies sealing product selection and drives efficiency. Designers and engineers just enter their cable schedule, sealing requirements, installation preferences, and preliminary opening sizes into the system, and the software generates manufacturer-approved drawings and documents such as material lists and installation instructions. Design teams can share their work online with project teams anywhere in the world, and Roxtec transit design experts are always there to help through the built-in chat function.

Roxtec Inc.

Management software

Hach Company Flow Products & Services has announced the Hach FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager software, designed for field crews to reduce the time needed to set up, download and maintain Hach FL900 Series Flow Loggers and sensors. FSDATA's dashboard approach displays both program and real-time information in a single location, allowing users to quickly assess and improve the meter's programming. It is also highly-intuitive, built with extensive input from field crews, to mimic the actual workflow process. FSDATA also reduces the chance for programming errors.

Hach Company Flow Products & Services

Information modeling system

Bentley Systems' new SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, and StormCAD V8i (SELECTseries 4) products are designed for the analysis and design of wastewater and stormwater systems. They provide advanced hydraulic and operational capabilities for an increased depth of information modeling that empowers users to evaluate and compare a wider range of network considerations. Through the optioneering this facilitates, users are able to assess trade-offs across disciplines and systems in terms of cost, time and efficiency. This allows them to make informed decisions that result in better system performance. They also help streamline the information modeling process, saving time and money.

Bentley Systems

Projection software

NanoH2O Inc., manufacturer of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for seawater desalination, has released version 2.2 of its intuitive Q+ projection software. This new version allows users to output process flow diagrams, input pass-specific membrane aging and performance, select water types suitable for projections under brackish conditions, and model silica rejection and scaling. In addition, Q+ is now available in simplified Chinese (Mandarin).


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