June 1, 2004
Megola, Inc. of Corunna, Ontario, signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Dalian Bingshan H203 Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd...

Canada: Megola, Inc. of Corunna, Ontario, signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Dalian Bingshan H203 Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd., a member of the Bingshan Group, to distribute Megola's ScaleGuard product line throughout Asia. Megola provides solutions in physical water treatment, microbiological control, wastewater treatment and air purification.

Bingshan Group consists of 46 companies, two of which are publicly listed, 13 more are state-run companies and 31 are Sino-foreign joint venture companies. The leading refrigeration company in China for many years, it is one of the 100 strongest companies in China's mechanical industry.

Mexico: The Municipal Water Commission of Xalapa, the capital of the state of Veracruz, awarded a US$ 55-m contract to design, build and operate a new wastewater treatment plant and sewer collection system in Xalapa, Mexico, to the consortium called Aguas Tratadas de Xalapa (ATX) following a competitive bidding process.

The contract covers a two-year construction phase followed by an 18-year operations and maintenance period. The contract includes building a 17-million-gallon per day wastewater treatment plant; the construction of 40 miles of collection sewers; the installation of two pumping stations; and the provision of sewerage services for a 25-m2 area in Xalapa. The population of Xalapa is 400,000.

The consortium consists of the US company Earth Tech and the Mexico-based companies CAABSA Constructora and Arquictectos Aguayo. Under the contract, Earth Tech is responsible for overall project management and the design, construction and operation of the wastewater treatment plant. CAABSA and Aguayo will build the wastewater collection and pumping systems.

USA: Pall Corporation signed a three-year, US$ 5.1-million contract with AT&T to provide an integrated networking solution for its domestic and international facilities. Pall expects to reduce its communication costs by US$ 3 million over the life of the contract. AT&T's networking solution will enable the company to integrate communications between its global facilities more efficiently, improve service to more than 8,000 users and also be easier to manage. Pall Corporation is based in East Hills, New York.

USA: The McIlvaine Company reports in its online Ultrapure Water: World Markets, that this market is rising once again with system purchases in 2004 projected to reach just under US$3 billion and then rise higher to US$ 4.4 billion in 2007.

The flat panel display industry is one of the hottest market segments. Samsung Electronics started constructing a US$ 12 billion factory in Chungcheongnam in the South Korean province to make liquid crystal displays for flat screen sets and monitors.

Ultrapure water is needed for the steam generated by coal-fired boilers. Nearly 100 new coal-fired boiler projects are in design or planning, and more than a dozen moving through to construction soon in the USA. An even larger number of plants are underway in China. Visit