March 1, 2012

JV to address water from coal seam gas sector in Australia

Clean TeQ has joined forces with Japanese firm Nippon Gas to help roll out desalination technology for Australia's growing coal seam gas industry. Associated Water in which both companies hold 50% equity, is the entity that will bring Clean TeQ's filtration technology to the market, with Nippon Gas investing AUD$4 million in the venture for 50% equity. The JV between the two companies will focus on the treatment of water from the coal seam gas industry in Australia, to enable the recovered clean water to be used for agriculture or industry or returned to the environment.

It has been estimated that the capital expenditure on water treatment in the Australian coal seam gas market could amount up to $500 million annually for the next six years and with operating costs estimated to be around $500 million annually at peak production.

Clean TeQ has recently announced that it is currently supplying two 2 MLD Continuous Ionic Filtration plants to Queensland Gas Co (QGC) to desalinate coal seam gas water for reuse as cooling water at the Condamine Power Plant.

This contract with QGC is the first example of the major opportunities open to Associated Water in treating the extracted water from the expected 20,000 to 30,000 coal seam gas wells that will be developed by the major Gas Companies in Queensland and New South Wales.

Brackish groundwater desalination viable down under

Brackish groundwater desalination can be considered a viable community water supply option in some areas of Australia, a report from the National Water Commission (NWC) has urged.

The report, entitled 'Brackish groundwater: a viable community water supply option?' said that four million people in the country depend partially or heavily on groundwater sources. Groundwater varies in its concentration of dissolved salts, and in many cases, the concentration is so high that the water is unsuitable for drinking without treatment, the NWC said.


Abu Dhabi partners Spanish firm to improve network

The Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company has awarded a seven year contract worth 76.3 million euros to FCC subsidiary aqualia and local company Mace for the operation and maintenance of its wastewater network.

The contract includes the operation and maintenance of more than 2,400 km of sewers, 68 wastewater pumping stations and 19 wastewater treatment plants in the city of Al Ain (eastern Abu Dhabi, on the border with Oman) and the surrounding areas.

This is the first water management contract awarded to the Spanish firm in the United Arab Emirates, following leak repair work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Toray boosts Singapore RO market share by 10% after Tuaspring win

Toray Industries has expanded its reverse osmosis (RO) market share in Singapore further by securing a contract to supply membrane elements to the Tuaspring Desalination Plant. The plant will have a water production capacity of 318,500 cubic meters per day and is being developed by Hyflux subsidiary Tuaspring. Tuaspring won the 25-year DBOO (design, build, own and operate) project which is situated on a site next to the SingSpring Desalination Plant in Tuas, Singapore's first large-scale desalination plant. Toray is scheduled to supply its RO membrane elements this year and the Tuaspring Desalination Plant is expected to start operations in 2013.

City of Madison Water Utility contracts for water AMI system

The City of Madison, WI, Water Utility will implement Itron's advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system for Project H20, the city's program to automate the collection and analysis of water meter reads. The new system will help Madison manage conservation initiatives, improve metering accuracy and operate more efficiently. Installation using services from Wisconsin-based Corix Utilities Inc. and Madison Laborers Union Local 464 is expected to be complete by early 2013.

Itron's AMI solution will enable Madison Water Utility's 235,000 residents to switch from bi-annual meter reads to monthly meter reads and measure consumption in gallons instead of cubic feet. Additionally, customers will be able to view their hourly water usage information online using web presentment tools.

The utility will install more than 66,000 Itron datalogging communication modules and a fixed network collection system as part of the upgrade to its water metering system. The new system will offer Madison the benefits of advanced datalogging analysis to detect water loss and conserve water resources - one of the major objectives of Project H2O. The AMI will also virtually eliminate the time it takes to read all meters in the system and will seamlessly move the utility from a six-month billing cycle to a monthly billing cycle.

Thermal desalination win for IDE in Chile

Norgener (an AES Gener company), a power station facility in Chile has selected IDE's thermal desalination units to provide supplementary boiler feed quality water required to meet increased capacity needs. The firm's Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) units will be used to provide an additional capacity of 600 m3/day of filtered water from the Pacific Ocean for the Norgener electrical power plant.

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