Heavy Duty Equipment Tested in Mining Application

July 1, 2010
Caprari Pumps Australia is the Australasian subsidiary for the world renowned range of CAPRARI Pumps, Italy, one of the leading European manufacturers of quality pumps.

Caprari Pumps Australia is the Australasian subsidiary for the world renowned range of CAPRARI Pumps, Italy, one of the leading European manufacturers of quality pumps. CAPRARI pump systems are available for a wide range of industrial, municipal and horticultural applications. They are manufactured under DNV certified ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.

The comprehensive CAPRARI range, which includes deep water, surface water and a range of waste and drainage pumps incorporates many innovative features offering significant benefits to the user. The CAPRARI PM series of pumps is available in sizes from 50mm to 150mm. The pumps are capable of flows up to 160l/s and head pressure up to 1000m. The PM series comes in a number of different configurations including gland packed and mechanically sealed; PN25 to PN100; single and double shaft extrusions; to name a few. High performance, efficiency and robust construction are the main feature of this series.

The challenges of mine dewatering have been around since mining started. As underground mines get deeper, the challenge of dewatering increases. This challenge has been taken up by Tru-Flo Industrial Pumps of NSW. The pumps used in the installation at Douglas Coal are CAPRARI PMST100HS/8A; an eight (8) stage horizontal multi-stage pump delivering 39l/s @ 550m head. These particular units were fitted with bronze impellers, mechanical seals and bearing temperature sensors. CAPRARI pumps have been chosen for their efficiency and reliability, as down time at the mines is expensive.

With a history of sound market dealings and experience, the Caprari Group's Spanish subsidiary, Bombas Caprari, S.A., is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2010 and now presents two special and important projects with CAPRARI electric pumps for wastewater installed in series as their main feature.

The first of these systems comprises K+ Series submersible pumps while the second features K-Kompact Series pumps in a dry pit installation. In this case, the customer was Coptalia, S.A.U., an enterprise that makes business all over Spain in sectors that include: street cleaning, beach cleaning, municipal solid waste collection, management and use of wastewater treatment plants, public highway maintenance and gardening works in general. Coptalia, S.A.U., is a medium-large undertaking with experience of both the CAPRARI brand and with solutions for professional users. www.caprari.co.uk

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