Hydraulically perfected UV system to be launched

March 1, 2011
Innovations dominate this year's ITT presence at Wasser Berlin. The company is exhibiting on two booths in the Pumps & Water treatment and the Analysis areas.
Innovations dominate this year's ITT presence at Wasser Berlin. The company is exhibiting on two booths in the Pumps & Water treatment and the Analysis areas.

On a common booth in hall 4.2, number 404, the brands WEDECO, Lowara and Leopold are showing well-engineered UV, ozone, and filtration systems, high-efficient pumps, borehole pumps, booster sets as well as many new products. The highlight of the brand WEDECO is a new developed hydraulically perfected UV system presented the first time.

With these high-performance systems for disinfection of drinking water at limited space, WEDECO is completing its UV portfolio focused on highest efficiency. Additionally, WEDECO is presenting ECORAY®, a new generation of low pressure high-intensity UV lamps which promise - in connection with unique services - operation costs savings of up to 20% at existing installations. Similar reduced lifecycle costs are possible with the new WEDECO PDO ozone systems. With these systems WEDECO again is setting a benchmark on efficient production of large ozone quantities.

Parties interested in disinfection of wastewater according to the EC Bathing Water Directive do have the unique chance to visit the new WEDECO UV system at the Ruhleben wastewater treatment plant in Berlin.

Besides the new 10" borehole pump, series Z10, one of the LOWARA highlights is the new vertical multistage pump e-SV™ series, which is easy to install and economical to maintain, enabling lower operational and lifecycle costs.

The new e-SV pumps also have a number of design innovations that allow easy installation and significantly reduce maintenance time. The "O" ring seal is designed to allow easy disassembly of the outer sleeve, and the mechanical seal can be replaced without removing the motor. The new hydraulic design provides superior NPSHr levels; additionally, the all-stainless steel construction and NSF certification allow the e-SV pump to meet municipalities' requirements for pure water while providing superior corrosion resistance.

www.wedeco.com and www.lowara.com

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