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Oct. 1, 2008
Atlas Copco’s new range of low pressure oil-free blowers offer energy savings of up to 40% and lower noise levels for aeration systems in wastewater treatment plants.

Low energy, low noise oil-free blowers

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Atlas Copco’s new range of low pressure oil-free blowers offer energy savings of up to 40% and lower noise levels for aeration systems in wastewater treatment plants. The ZS+ dry rotary screw positive displacement blower range serves oil-free process air requirements at up to 1.2 bar pressure. Compared with conventional, belt-driven roots blowers, it’s able to offer a more cost-effective compressed air solution by optimizing pressure, volume and air treatment equipment for each process. Gear-driven dry screw elements and a fully integrated drive motor, filtration and controller ensure optimum efficiency and reliability. With intermeshing compression rotors that never touch, wear is reduced and no lubrication is required. Special seals prevent air escaping along the rotor shaft, while separate seals stop oil escaping from bearings into the compression chamber. Unlike belt-driven compressors, these blowers incorporate a flanged motor housing and gearbox element, offering permanent alignment during transport, installation and operation. The ZS+ series is available as a complete, fully integrated package, including VSD, controls, canopy, silencer and valves. There are four variants in the 50Hz, 55kW range, operating at pressures from 750-1,200 mbar with free air delivery from 301-420 L/s (650-890 cfm). The ZS+VSD 55-75kW series comprises three models operating at pressures from 750-1,200 mbar with FAD from 455-590 L/s (964-1,250 cfm). Easily expandable with extra sensors, digital inputs and MODBus, ProfiBus or web-based communication functions, an Elektronikon® operating system monitors overall system performance status and increases blower efficiency and reliability. An ES Central Controller can also be used to control multiple ZS+’s, including the ZS+VSD units.

Atlas CopcoAntwerp, Belgium
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Ceramic membranes

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Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies unit HPD expands its offering with CeraMem™ ceramic membranes. They feature a proprietary technology platform that provides larger capacities than other ceramic membranes at costs comparable to polymeric membranes. The technology allows utilization of large-diameter ceramic monoliths that reduce the overall footprint of installed equipment. Developed mainly for microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes, the membranes offer a low-fouling solution in harsh environments suitable for high-temperature applications. This, coupled with high resistance to chemical and abrasive attacks during operation, permits their use in some of the most challenging processes in water and wastewater treatment. One is deoiling of produced water in the oil & gas industry, further broadening VWS’ extensive offering to this industry. The technology was developed with assistance provided by the U.S. Small Business Innovation Research Programs of the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Science Foundation, and USEPA as well as funding provided by the Expeditionary Unit Water Purification (EUWP) program managed by the Office of Naval Research.

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Rainwater harvesting kit

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Wavin Plastics urges business, industry and households to harvest future rainfall rather than letting it simply drain away. The change in Britain’s climate is expected to result in more sudden bursts of rain during summer months – not enough to always replenish reservoirs and natural aquifers, but plenty for green-fingered enthusiasts in upkeep of a healthy lawn and garden. “With use of an OSMA Rainwater Diverter Kit, which can be fitted to any water butt, rainwater can be collected in an efficient and sustainable way. A garden sprinkler on the other hand is not nearly so environmentally friendly – it uses in excess of 1,000 litres of drinking quality water every hour. This seems excessive when you consider that plants and gardens thrive perfectly well with rainwater,” said Denise O’Leary, Wavin customer marketing manager. Available in black, grey, white and brown, the kits can be fitted to household downpipe guttering. They include a top seal fitted to prevent splash-back and an overflow to divert the water back into the downpipe – stopping the water butt from flooding when full. In six easy steps, kits can be easily fitted using regular household tools.

Wavin Plastics
Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK
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Free software for actuator control

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AUMA water industry actuator customers can now benefit from free downloadable EDD and DTM software drivers for use with the two established software technologies: Simatic PDM and FDT. The actuators’ advanced data feedback functionality and controls capability can be fully exploited remotely by using either Simatic tool. These are employed in conjunction with the Profibus DP-V1 comms protocol in a DCS environment. Data feedback can be used as part of remote diagnostics or, operational data (such as run times/number of starts) can support building planned maintenance schedules. Control capabilities include on-line operation parameter optimisation. The software is available at no charge following the support/software menu options at the AUMA website. The free downloadable driver service is the latest in a series of customer support initiatives from the 44-year-old company.

AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG
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