Biwater awarded contract for Abattoir Wastewater Treatment Plant in Casablanca

Feb. 4, 2019
The Sidi Othmane Abattoir Wastewater Treatment Plant in Casablanca is one of Africa's largest abattoirs.

SURREY, UK, FEB 4, 2019 -- British water engineering company, Biwater, has been awarded a $3.4M contract by Lyonnaise des Eaux de Casablanca (LYDEC) for the refurbishment of the Sidi Othmane Abattoir Wastewater Treatment Plant in Casablanca, one of Africa's largest abattoirs.

For this project Biwater will refurbish the existing abattoir wastewater treatment plant, providing cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of the effluent on site, ensuring the treatment meets stringent environmental regulations and emission standards. Biwater will carry out the supply and installation of all mechanical and electrical equipment throughout the project.

This new contract follows a recent announcement of a project awarded to Biwater for the design and construction of a solar sludge drying facility for a new wastewater treatment plant in Laâyoune, southern Morocco.

Removal of chemical storage tank for return to client's consolidation yard.

LYDEC, who has been delegated management responsibility for the potable water, sanitation, electricity and municipal lighting services in the Greater Casablanca area of Morocco, expressed its preference to work with Biwater after evaluating the quality of contract work carried out for the Office National des Aéroports du Maroc (ONDA) on another Biwater project, at the industrial site at Casablanca airport.

Remarking on the contact award, Yassine Laib, Country Manager for Morocco, said, ̎We are delighted to share news of another contract award in Morocco. This new project stands to serve as another valuable reference for Biwater in providing wastewater infrastructure in the industrial sector in Morocco.̎

This project is part of Morocco's investment into water and wastewater solutions. Water service provision is a key priority in Morocco, as the country works to meet the demands of developing industry, commerce, agriculture and tourism.