Scottish Water launches demonstration of Microvi's wastewater treatment technology

Dec. 13, 2018
The demonstration is a single pass system requiring minimal operation time and maintenance. 
Rapid denitrification is currently in use at Sydney Water's Winmalee Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sydney, Australia. Source: Microvi.

HAYWARD, CA, DEC. 13, 2018 -- An innovative new wastewater treatment demonstration is in place at Scottish Water's Development Centre next to Bo'Ness Wastewater Treatment Works. The installation is a collaboration between Microvi (treatment technology and design), WesTech Engineering Inc. (process equipment and design), and Scottish Water. The installation utilizes the Microvi MNE™ process, based on Microvi's proprietary MicroNiche EngineeringTM (MNE) platform for intensifying biological processes.

Against the challenge of changing climatic conditions and capacity-limited treatment assets, Scottish Water is seeking new technologies to meet tightening Total Biochemical Oxygen Demand (TBOD) and ammonia standards while ensuring low total expenditures. The demonstration focuses on providing consistently high removal rates for TBOD and ammonia in primary settled influent.

"We are excited to see the outcome of the trials of this innovative wastewater process," said George Ponton, Head of Research and Innovation at Scottish Water. "To meet the future demand of an ever-growing population it is essential that we find ways to increase the throughput of our existing assets. Microvi offers the potential to meet growth requirements faster and at lower cost than conventional plant extensions."

"We are pleased to work with Scottish Water in delivering innovative, next-generation solutions for the wastewater industry," said Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, CEO and CTO of Microvi. "It is an exciting time to be in the wastewater industry as we respond to unique challenges and opportunities around the globe."

The demonstration is a single pass system requiring minimal operation time and maintenance. Microvi MNE significantly reduces the production of biosolids generated during treatment, reducing cost of storage, transport and disposal. It also improves the potential for resource recovery by conserving carbon through the biological treatment process.

Alternative options necessitate expanding a plant's footprint requiring investment in infrastructure. The Microvi MNE solution can be used in existing infrastructure and provides consistent BOD/COD removal, nitrification, and denitrification, with a smaller footprint, minimal sludge production, reduced pumping and aeration requirements, and reduced energy costs.

Microvi MNE uses novel biocatalytic composites (biocatalysts) that intensify biological processes, while maintaining a controlled population of microorganisms at a much higher density than existing technologies. Despite the complexity of the biocatalysts, the design and operation of the systems are simple.

In addition to the trial at Scottish Water, Microvi has two additional projects running in the UK—one for phosphorus removal and recovery at Southern Water and the other ammonia removal in cold temperatures at Thames Water.

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About Scottish Water
Scottish Water's principal activities are the supply of water and wastewater services to around 5 million customers in homes and businesses across Scotland covering an area of 30,810 square miles. Scottish Water's vision is to be trusted to care for the water on which Scotland depends, and to provide excellent customer service by delivering high levels of water quality and environmental performance. Scottish Water has two Development Centres (Bo'Ness for wastewater and Gorthleck for water treatment) which are available to trial technologies.