Siemens develops comprehensive odor control solution for wastewater collection, treatment plants

Oct. 12, 2009
ORLANDO, FL, Oct. 12, 2009 -- Siemens Water Technologies announces the Full Service Odor Control Program approach to helping wastewater collection and treatment facilities control odors at the lowest lifecycle cost...
Liquid and vapor phase odor and corrosion solutions work efficiently together.

ORLANDO, FL, Oct. 12, 2009 -- Siemens Water Technologies announces the Full Service Odor Control Program approach to helping wastewater collection and treatment facilities control odors at the lowest lifecycle cost. With a wide range of odor control technologies for the liquid and the vapor phase, Siemens can provide a single product or combination of equipment and treatment methods as well as customized service contracts that ensure long equipment life. Rather than take a "one size fits all" approach, Siemens treats every customer site and application as unique, making treatment recommendations based on data collected at the site. The final treatment solution may include one or more odor control products to achieve the best results in the most cost effective way.

Wastewater related odor compounds are typically generated in the liquid phase, while conveying the wastewater from its source to the treatment area. While traveling through sewer lines, the wastewater can become anaerobic or the dissolved oxygen can become depleted from the metabolic processes of bacteria found in wastewater. Liquid phase odor control generally involves altering the biological conditions in the wastewater by adding products to control the formation of odor-causing compounds or to react with those compounds once they are formed. Once odors are released into the atmosphere, vapor phase control treatment options are considered. These technologies treat the sources of odors such as wet wells and headworks, and are mainly focused on removing hydrogen sulphide. Treatment options include wet chemical scrubbers, biological filters/scrubbers, dry chemical scrubbers and activated carbon adsorbers.

Most wastewater systems require a variety of both liquid phase and vapor phase technologies to achieve adequate odor control, reduce corrosion in their infrastructure and the lowest life-cycle cost of the equipment. Siemens offers liquid phase odor control systems, biofiltration equipment, a complete line of carbon adsorption systems from small modular to larger dual-bed systems, wet chemical scrubber systems, emergency vapor scrubbers and odor/corrosion control chemicals including our proprietary Bioxide solution and Odo-Free solution. Examples of wastewater treatment plants that are using Siemens advanced technologies in both the liquid and vapor phase include a wastewater treatment collection department in Florida, where equipment is installed at various sites around the 22-mgd system, effectively preventing odor complaints from local residents.

When incorporated with Siemens Link2Site cellular internet based monitoring and control system, Siemens can also provide an automated system for internet monitoring of tank level, VaporLink web-based hydrogen sulfide monitoring and feed pump control at remote sites; temperature controlled feed of products; combined chemistry including chemical reaction, biochemical reaction and pH/alkalinity modification; and VersaDose advanced dosing controllers for automated product feed that adjusts dose based on system demand. A Link2Site system web page is the first comprehensive central monitoring location to compare the dosing rates of a VersaDose to results generated downstream by a VaporLink H2S monitor, allowing for real-time adjustments as necessary.

To ensure that customers' odor control equipment operates at its best, we offer a wide variety of services from one of our regional branches, including installation assistance, preventive maintenance and service contracts, process evaluation and optimization services, rehabilitation and retrofit services, analytical and laboratory testing, plant control and instrumentation upgrades, system survey and sampling, remote monitoring, parts and expendables, and temporary/emergency odor control systems.

Siemens also offers turnkey biological odor control solutions under a long-term rental arrangement, long-term rental of liquid and vapor phase equipment and build-own-operate solutions, including project financing through Siemens Financial Services.

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