Lystek renews multi-year biosolids management contract with City of North Battleford, SK

Feb. 1, 2019
Lystek provides year-round management of the city's annual biosolids program.

CAMBRIDGE ON, FEB 1, 2196 -- Lystek International, the Cambridge, Ontario based provider of advanced biosolids management solutions has executed an agreement to continue managing the City of North Battleford, Saskatchewan's (City) biosolids for another five years.

The mutually beneficial agreement is especially meaningful because the forward-looking City was the first community in western Canada to recognize the many advantages of diverting its biosolids from landfill in favor of converting the valuable resource into LysteGro®, a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) registered biofertilizer product via its market leading, low temperature, low cost Thermal Hydrolysis Process (Lystek THP®).

The contract renewal is a testament of the City's satisfaction with having Lystek provide year-round management of their annual biosolids program, including marketing and distribution of the City's LysteGro® product.

The mutually beneficial agreement allows North Battleford to continue focusing its time and efforts on the day-to-day operational requirements of its water and wastewater utilities while Lystek continues to provide technology and services that are reliable, environmentally sustainable and affordable.

"From the initial deployment of the award-winning Lystek system here at the City in 2014 and throughout the following (first) five years of our relationship with Lystek, they have consistently demonstrated exemplary customer service and the ability to fulfill our goal to divert our biosolids from landfill and produce a marketable, Class A fertilizer product local farmers both want and need." says Stewart Schafer, Director of Utility Services for North Battleford. "We look forward to continuing our positive working relationship with Lystek" he adds. "They clearly understand how to maximize the value of their technology, as well as our operational requirements and what it takes to successfully market a Class A quality, CFIA registered biofertilizer product here in Saskatchewan."

"We are proud of the exceptional relationship we have built with the City of North Battleford and are committed to the development and nurturing of mutually beneficial, long term business partnerships that provide real value to all of our customers," says Kevin Litwiller, Director of Marketing and Communications for Lystek.

About Lystek
Lystek International is a leading provider of Thermal Hydrolysis solutions for the sustainable management of biosolids and organics. The multi-use, award-winning Lystek system reduces costs, volumes and GHG's by converting wastewater treatment facilities into resource recovery centers. This is achieved by transforming organic waste streams into value-added products and services, such as the patented LysteMize® process for optimizing digester performance, reducing volumes and increasing biogas production; LysteGro®, a high-value, nutrient-rich biofertilizer and LysteCarb®, an alternative source of carbon for BNR systems.