Water recycling at second busiest land border crossing

Dec. 6, 2010
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Dec. 6, 2010 -- Worrell Water Technologies' Living Machine® system will provide on-site wastewater treatment and water reuse at one of the country's largest land Border Control Crossing located in Otay Mesa, CA...

• Living Machine® system selected for federal green building on US-Mexico border

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Dec. 6, 2010 -- Worrell Water Technologies, a leader in ecological wastewater re-use technology and innovation, today announced that its Living Machine® system was selected by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to be featured at one of the country's largest land Border Control Crossing located in Otay Mesa, CA. A custom designed Living Machine® system will provide on-site wastewater treatment and water reuse for this major facility.

In early 2010 Tate Snyder Kimsey, an architecture firm based in Nevada and dedicated to environmentally responsive design, was working on a new facility at the Otay Mesa Land Port of Entry and recommended Worrell Water's Living Machine® system to the GSA as a way to promote green technology innovation.

The Living Machine® system was selected by the GSA and called out as an innovative green technology that reduces the generation of wastewater and demand for potable water, while increasing the local aquifer recharge.

The Living Machine® system will now be part of the new 24x7 facility at the Otay Mesa Land Port of Entry. The Living Machine® system will take grey and black water from the facility and purify the water through its advanced wetland system, composed of three different wetland processes treating up to 1,500 gallons of wastewater per day.

[art] Located along the pedestrian walkway into the United States, the Living Machine® system is integrated into the landscape and site design through the careful selection of wall and planting materials. Design Workshop Inc., a landscape architecture firm based in Denver, along with Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects, will provide an intimate landscape experience as the pedestrian pathway ramps above the Living Machine® system.

The visible portion of the Living Machine® system will host a variety of lush flora and fauna, while wastewater will flow below the surface in watertight cells and pore spaces between rock particles so there is no smell, mosquitoes, or human exposure. The purified water will be re-used for on-site irrigation in this low precipitation area.

"San Diego, like many areas of the country, is finding it hard to supply new construction with an already strained water system," said Will Kirksey, senior vice president at Worrell Water Technologies. "The Living Machine® system is perfectly matched for buildings in water scarce areas of the country since it is a sustainable, ecological process for turning a building's wastewater into high quality water for re-use within and around the building."

How does the Living Machine® system work?
The Living Machine® system adapts and enhances the ecological processes in a tidal wetland, Nature's most productive ecosystem. The alternating anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobic (with oxygen) cycles help make the Living Machine® technology the most advanced ecological treatment system available. The Living Machine® system cleanses high-strength (blackwater) sewage within a small footprint and in an energy efficient, safe, attractive and cost-effective manner.

The Living Machine® system introduces the water to a dense, diverse micro-ecosystem contained in a series of cells. The cells fill with water allowing microorganisms to begin consuming the nutrients. When the cells drain by gravity, oxygen is passively brought to the wastewater at atmospheric levels. This allows microorganisms that favor these conditions to complete the nutrient consumption process. The Living Machine® system adapts and enhances Nature's own productivity.

The water produced by a Living Machine® system is high-quality, clear water capable of being reused for a variety of functions including irrigation, toilet flushing, AC makeup, industrial processes, washing equipment or animal areas, filling landscape water features (i.e. fish ponds and fountains) and other such uses. For more information, go to www.livingmachines.com .

About Worrell Water Technologies
Worrell Water Technologies provides ecological wastewater treatment and water purification technologies. The company has an active research and development department, which has dedicated years to provide the means to recycle, purify and replenish our most essential natural resource -- water. Worrell Water's flagship products include the Living Machine® system, a proven ecological wastewater treatment system, and HydroSecure™, a water purification system developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, and Secret Service, that provides the ultimate level of control, safety and security for households and commercial buildings. Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, Worrell Water has a portfolio of proprietary intellectual property and a diverse professional, engineering and research staff. For additional information and photos of the company's products, visit www.worrellwater.com.


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