Veolia to supply new wastewater treatment train in Brunswick County, NC

March 4, 2020
Veolia to supply BIO-DENIPHO™ with jet aeration for the expansion at the Northeast Brunswick, NC Regional Water Reclamation Facility.

CARY, NC, MARCH 2, 2020 --  Brunswick County, NC has commissioned Veolia Water Technologies, Inc. (dba Kruger) to supply a new treatment train containing BIO-DENIPHO™ and Hydrotech Discfilter technologies to expand the capacity at its facility in Navassa, NC.

Brunswick County is experiencing very significant residential and commercial growth, pushing the existing treatment facility close to its capacity and requiring expansion of the NE WRF. And while the original oxidation ditches use surface aerators for aeration, the oxidation ditches of the new BIO-DENIPHO™ train will use jet aeration to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements.

In addition to the new secondary treatment train, the technologies and equipment items provided by Veolia on the project include secondary clarifiers, Hydrotech Discfilters for effluent polishing, rotary drum sludge thickeners, polymer feed and sludge flocculation systems, sludge holding tank aeration and ATAD digestion equipment. It also features the use of Aquavista™ Portal, a smart water management tool, to further enhance the service provided for this expansion.