An End-to-End Approach to Water Treatment

Dec. 1, 2017
Milton Roy’s products are engineered to meet the toughest water treatment applications with proven technology, and an extensive portfolio to offer a flexible range of equipment.

Presented by Milton Roy

For more than 80 years, Milton Roy has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of controlled-volume metering pumps that accurately dose fluids ranging from water to high-viscosity polymers, corrosive or abrasive chemicals, toxic substances and other difficult pumping elements.

The company offers a broad range of pumps, from low-flow dosing pumps to high-powered transfer pumps, vertical and horizontal mixers, pre-engineered and custom systems, poly-packs, controllers and accessories. Milton Roy’s goal is to manufacture world-class water treatment equipment through end-to-end solutions that effectively treat water, boost plant efficiency, protect equipment and enhance the plant’s bottom line in the process.

The company’s technology is used by municipal water treatment plants, desalination plants, power plants, refineries, petro­chemical plants, agricultural producers, and a wide range of manufacturing facilities that make consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage products.

Milton Roy technology is used in a wide range of manufacturing and operations facilities.

The company’s metering pumps dose precise volumes of chemicals to disinfect water, correct pH levels and improve odor and taste. Milton Roy Mixers are used in blending applications and for coagulation and flocculation. And Milton Roy’s pumps are also used to keep plants operating at peak performance by accurately dosing scale inhibitors and other chemicals that clean and protect plant equipment. WW

Building on an 80-year legacy as an industry leader, Milton Roy’s research and development team continues to design equipment to meet the changing needs of its customers with the most competitive product offerings for the water and wastewater treatment industries. To learn more, visit