Products & Services: Pumps & Systems

May 1, 2017
Collection of pump & system related equipment products and services.
Suction pump

The Vertiflo Pump Company’s rugged Model 1312 close-coupled, horizontal, end suction pump for service in general pumping, chemicals, wash systems, deionized water, process and OEM applications is especially useful for pumping from tank to tank and into transport trucks. The Model 1312 is designed for long life in tough services with heads to 160 feet TDH and flows to 240 GPM. Available in 1,750 and 3,500 RPM sizes. Back pull-out design construction allows rotating element to be easily removed, casing remains in piping. Casing may be rotated in 90° increments to accommodate various piping and discharge orientation options or requirements.

Vertiflo Pump Company

Rotary lobe pumps

The full service-in-place TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump from NETZSCH is designed for the various sludge conveyances in sewage treatment plants. Removing the cover plate on the TORNADO T2 allows quick and easy access to the pump chamber. The rotors can be removed and replaced easily and quickly because they are not bolted or keyed to the shafts inside the pump head. The rotors’ geometry allows their independent removal without the need for special tools. With the full service-in-place design, the TORNADO T2 saves time and costs in sewage treatment, ensuring conveyance can continue as quickly as possible after necessary downtime.


Motor testing

The ALL-TEST PRO 5™ System offers complete motor circuit analysis with one hand-held instrument to test all types of motors, including induction, synchronous, AC, DC, brushless DC, servo and wound rotors, as well as single phase motors. This comprehensive package will improve plant productivity and reduce operating costs, with a low investment for a rapid ROI. Know within a few minutes if the rotor position is influencing the stator winding measurements. Immediately know if the motor shaft is turning without having to observe the motor shaft, and more.

All Test Pro

Portable dewatering and sludge pumps

Allegro Industries offers a complete line of work equipment for use in confined spaces. The Allegro Sludge Pump with ½ hp motor is excellent for pumping standing water containing sand, solids, leaves or debris at a maximum of 50 gallons per minute. Submersible to 39 feet and continuous running water level to 3.5”. Portable with built in handle for easy transport and quick use. The pump discharge hose features tough PVC material, collapsible design for compact storage and fire-hose quick-connect design 50” x 2”.

Allegro Safety

Intelligent pump drive

The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America’s U1000 iQpump drive provides extremely low harmonic distortion in a space-saving design, along with the same on-board intelligent pump-specific features and protection as the standard iQpump1000. This single-component solution allows for seamless user transition and achieves excellent low distortion levels without the need for additional countermeasures such as passive filters or multi-pulse arrangements. Unlike conventional drives, Yaskawa’s matrix technology employs a system of 9 bi-directional switches that are arranged in a matrix to convert a three-phase AC input voltage directly into a three-phase AC output voltage.

Yaskawa America Inc.

Polymer pump

Blue-White’s FLEXFLO® A-100N Polymer Pump handles high-viscosity polymers used in water and wastewater treatment. A-100N peristaltic metering pumps are equipped with Blue-White’s exclusive, built-in Tube Failure Detection system (TFD). If TFD senses tube failure, the pump will automatically shut off and energize a relay or switch, permitting communication with external equipment, such as a back-up pump or alarm. No false triggering is caused by condensation and wash down procedures. Other features include: self-priming; tube assemblies stamped with clearly visible part numbers for simple reorder; precise chemical feed to 124 gph/8.45 lph; max working pressure 100 psi/6.9 bar.

Blue-White Industries