Company Introduces New Valve Maintenance System

May 1, 2007
Until recently, one-man, extendable valve turning systems offered unacceptable trade-offs in torque and durability.

Until recently, one-man, extendable valve turning systems offered unacceptable trade-offs in torque and durability. As distances to valves and vaults increase, extendable units can lose the ability to deliver the necessary torque often needed in the field - especially when freeing stuck valves. Even in moderate torque situations, these systems can “buck” and challenge even the strongest operator.

The new Wachs ERV-750 allows a single operator to reach and turn valves from 6 to 60 inches.
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E.H. Wachs has introduced a new product that solves these problems in the form of a truck or trailer mount valve-turning and maintenance system. Equipped with the new Wachs ERV-750, this extended reach system allows a single operator to reach and turn any valve (6" - 60"), and deliver the torque necessary even in the most demanding situations.

Said to be the most powerful unit in the industry, Wachs’ WAVE technology still assures that the minimum necessary amount of torque is always applied, virtually eliminating valve breakage.

The system is fully automated and intelligent, allowing even an inexperienced operator to reach inaccessible and obstructed valve boxes, safely free stuck valves, exercise neglected valves and obtain critical information like valve health, valve type, open/close status, turn direction and torque requirements. All of this information can then be logged, uploaded, stored and retrieved via the Wachs tracking and logging system (VITALS).

The system comes with a vacuum system that will remove dirt, stone, debris and water from valve boxes and vaults. What won’t pass through the 3" vacuum hose (e.g., broken glass, broken valve covers) can often be lifted using the powerful vacuum. There is also a hot-water, high-pressure washer system on board to clean out valve boxes and perform simple excavating jobs.

For the budget conscious, a minimal, “upgrade ready” system can be purchased initially and added to later. Available extras include work lights and integrated hydraulic tool circuits (for auxiliary maintenance devices).

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