Three wastewater projects in Whitehorse receive $2.8M in funding

April 27, 2017
Whitehorse receives support to help manage wastewater systems. 

WHITEHORSE, CANADA, APRIL 27, 2017 -- The Government ofYukonandCity of Whitehorseannounced funding of$2.8 millionunder the federal Gas Tax Fund for three wastewater projects inWhitehorse, Canada.

"Through the federal Gas Tax Fund, theCity of Whitehorseis able to improve our aging infrastructure and ensure residents have reliable wastewater systems," said Dan Curtis, Mayor of theCity of Whitehorse. "We are very appreciative of this funding and our partners at Government ofYukon."

The Marwell Lift Station, which processes the majority of the city's wastewater, will be upgraded to improve its efficiency. Upgrades to the storm sewers on Burns Road, and a new outfall pipe and trench for the Hidden Valley Storm Pond will help manage stormwater in these neighborhoods.

Once complete, these projects will provide reliable sewage water management services for residents, which contributes to maintaining a healthy community and protecting property.

The Government ofCanadawill provide more than$180 billionin infrastructure funding over 12 years for public transit, green infrastructure, social infrastructure, transportation that supports trade, andCanada'srural and northern communities.

To meet the unique needs of rural and northern communities, Budget 2017 proposes to invest$2 billionto support a broad range of infrastructure projects.

The three projects will be funded through the federal Gas Tax Fund as follows:
$2,400,000for the Marwell Lift Station project;
$100,000for the Burns Road Storm Sewers project; and
$330,000for the Hidden Valley Storm Pond project.