Product Review: Sensors, Monitors & Meters

May 1, 2009

Flow meters help cut MoD water leaks by over 30%

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Electromagnetic flowmeters from ABB are playing a key role in cutting water leakage across a large swathe of the UK Ministry of Defence estate, with reductions of 60% achieved at some sites. Leakage has already dropped by about 2 million m3/year across over 1,500 MoD sites where water and waste utility assets are managed by C2C Services — a consortium of Severn Trent Services and Costain. C2C is responsible for providing water services to MoD sites in the north, east and southeast England, known as ‘Package C’. The 25–year £1billion contract is part of Project Aquatrine, which transferred responsibility for MoD’s water services to three different contractors.

Around 900 AquaMasters from ABB already are installed, with more meters planned where additional flow data is required. With a measuring range of 1000:1, they’re accurate across a wide range of flows. A key feature is convergence of flow measurement, data logging and GSM–SMS technology into one unit. As such, the integral data logger can be set to high resolution 1 minute logging for in–depth investigation of night lines, or a standard 15 minute frequency for normal operation. Once a day, all readings are uploaded to a central server using text messages sent via the meter’s built–in GSM facilities. Once on the server, data is managed using AutoChart software from Information + Performance Services (I+P), allowing online control from anywhere.

“Any reduction in leakage as seen in this application not only saves water for C2C and MoD, but also saves energy used to pump and produce water,” says Tony Hoyle, ABB’s UK flow products manager. “This also has a positive environmental impact, enabling C2C’s clients to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and minimise utility costs.” ABB Ltd., Warrington, Cheshire, UK,
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Dissolved oxygen sensor

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With an advanced fluorescence quenching (FQ) sensing element, the Triton DO8 dissolved oxygen sensor delivers exceptionally accurate DO measurement with greatly reduced maintenance requirements for a low cost of ownership over a long service life in a wide range of municipal and industrial applications. Ideal for drinking water, wastewater, surface water monitoring, aquaculture, etc., the trouble–free sensor is designed with precision FQ optical technology coupled with intelligent microprocessor–based electronics. The self–monitoring unit stores calibration data within the sensor, which minimizes maintenance over long service intervals while providing stable, dependable DO measurement. It features a maximum error rate of less than 2%, repeatability of ±0.5% and resolution of 0.01 ppm or 0.01% saturation, operating over a wide measurement range with three different outputs from 0 to 20 mg/L (0–20 ppm), 0–200% saturation or 0–500 hPa (0–6 psi). It’s designed to take measurements at temperatures from –5 to 50°C (20–120°F) and withstand pressures up to 10 bar (145 psi). Electro–Chemical Devices Inc., Yorba Linda, California, USA,
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Flow measurement, control

Badger Meter Europa GmbH presents “Flow Metering, Controlling, Batching, Monitoring and Recording,” a new technical book for all users of state–of–the–art flow measurement & control technology. Authors, Horst Gras and Heinz G. Erb, bring over 35 years experience to complex issues of flow metering and controlling of liquids and gases, explained in detail over 320 pages. A practical and relevant reference book, the choice for the right metering technology is determined for the application and required accuracy class. It presents important criteria to all users in a clearly laid–out format and content, and shows fundamental, theoretical differences of measuring principles with advantages and disadvantages. It deliberately avoided long, scientific derivations and details to provide the users with practical support and important facts to help them choose the best suited flow meter or control valve. Badger Meter Europa GmbH, Neuffen, Germany,
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Water system security

Integrated alarm systems and management solutions specialist Drax (UK) Ltd. has launched SiteWatch, a new GSM–based system designed for simple, economical offsite monitoring 24 hours a day. It consists of single or multiple remote transmitter units positioned adjacent to equipment to be monitored, a central receiver unit and a PC equipped with management software, typically at the facilities manager’s office or service organisation. Remote units (up to 255) are hardwired to the monitored equipment’s outputs and read signals generated, such as on, off, fire, fault, open, closed, etc. Signals are encoded and a customised data message sent via SMS to the SiteWatch Manager. Activation of these inputs can be pre–programmed to send tailored messages via email or text message, such as ‘immediate action’, ‘advise client’, ‘schedule for next maintenance visit’, allowing for the relevant response. Drax (UK) Ltd., Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK,
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Reducing water losses

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PermaNet is a new system designed to provide a constant net to catch leaks in a water network. After installing permanent Permalog+ dataloggers along with PermaNet transmitters at various points throughout the network, notifications about leak location and size can be immediately sent to a central computer for exceptional response times and efficiency. Once the local area has been identified, the new MicroCALL+ digital correlator takes the guesswork out of pinpointing the leak. A complete array of preset filters work with three outstation measurement and automatic velocity verification to provide highly accurate readings regardless of pipe type. This easy efficiency reduces the incidence of ‘dry holes’ and speeds up the process of leak finding. Halma Water Management, Cwmbran, Wales, UK, www.hwm–
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