Black & Veatch, EMAGIN to provide UK water companies with next generation asset analytics and artificial intelligence

March 11, 2019
Premier engineering company and an industry leading AI technology company join forces.

REDHILL SURREY, MARCH 11, 2019 -- Black & Veatch has teamed-up with EMAGIN to support UK water companies with advanced operational intelligence, allied to hands-on asset management and engineering expertise. The partnership will deliver the unparalleled asset performance water companies need to ensure quality and service are undiminished in the face of falling revenues and intense regulatory scrutiny.

"More and more, clients are looking to digitally-enabled real-time decision making, artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to ensure predictive performance insights, and resilience across their assets," said Mark Kaney, Asset Management Director, Black & Veatch Europe. "By forming this partnership with EMAGIN we are combining our cultures, along with the different approaches to learning and innovation of a technology company and an engineering company to meet the challenges facing the water industry both today and in the future."

EMAGIN enables customers to learn from past patterns, predict events and optimize operations. The AI-powered technology provides customers with the intelligence to maximize productivity and savings to better serve customers. The platform's capabilities empower utilities to act in real-time, with predictive knowledge to control critical processes.

Black & Veatch is a technology led consulting and construction company with world-class understanding of the ways in which digital technologies can enhance asset management, and - critically - how they can be integrated through a collaborative digital ecosystem to provide a solution best suited to clients' needs.

Having helped design, construct and maintain assets for virtually all the UK's water companies, Black & Veatch is ideally placed to understand how cutting-edge AI technologies, like those offered by EMAGIN, will deliver significant benefits and offer clients speed to value.

"We believe new technologies are the key to helping water companies weather a perfect storm of increasing demand, falling revenues and climate change. Combining forces with Black & Veatch will allow us to demonstrate this and provide AI technology informed by expert engineering and asset management experience on a global scale," commented Thouheed Abdul Gaffoor, EMAGIN's Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder.

Black & Veatch is delivering asset management programs for Thames Water, Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water, Bristol Water and Yorkshire Water supporting all aspects of the utilities' operations.

EMAGIN has deployed its innovative AI technology in the UK with United Utilities and Scottish Water; providing a suite of real-time and predictive capabilities, ranging from optimized pumping, burst event detection, minimization of discolorations events and total expenditure savings.

Together, Black & Veatch and EMAGIN combine deep institutional knowledge with cutting edge artificial intelligence to maximize productivity for UK water companies, improve customer outcomes, and transition the sector beyond digitization.


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