Water utility enhances consumer payment choice

March 1, 2011
COLUMBUS, GA, Mar. 1, 2011 -- Columbus Water Works has added Secure Vault Payments® as an online payment choice to their Electronic Transaction and Payment (eTAP) system...

COLUMBUS, GA, Mar. 1, 2011 -- Columbus Water Works announced the addition of Secure Vault Payments® as an online payment choice to their Electronic Transaction and Payment (eTAP) system which is provided by Innoprise Software Inc., a leading provider of financial and utility software solutions to local governments and utilities.

Secure Vault Payments is a safe, secure and private online payment network developed by NACHA -- The Electronic Payments Association® and eWise, a provider of online payment & personal financial management solutions.

"Offering Secure Vault Payments aligns with our commitment to provide outstanding service and choice to our customers," says Emory Blount, Executive Vice President for Columbus Water Works. "Because customers don't provide any financial account information when using Secure Vault Payments, we believe more people will choose to pay online."

Within the eTAP system, Columbus Water Works customers select Secure Vault Payments, choose their bank from a drop down menu and are automatically directed to their online banking site. Once the bank authenticates them, they see available funds and choose the account from which to pay, confirm payment and are redirected back to a confirmation page on eTAP. The entire transaction typically takes less than 15 seconds. Columbus Water Works receives real-time authorization and guaranteed payment for the ACH credit from the bank.

"Columbus Water Works is the first of our clients to integrate Secure Vault Payments," said Dennis Harward, CEO and President of Innoprise, "but we anticipate several of our government and utility clients will add the online payment option to their platforms."

Richard Brierley-Jones, Executive Vice President of eWise said, "The addition of a leading gateway provider and the first government utility is a major milestone for the Secure Vault Payments Network. We believe Secure Vault Payments will become an important and prevalent payment option in this sector."

Companies interested in joining the SVP network should contact Dean Seifert, senior vice president, eWise at [email protected].

About Columbus Water Works
Columbus Water Works (CWW) has the vision to be an outstanding provider of utility services, dedicated to protecting the environment, aspiring to new opportunities and compelled to excel in service to our community. Integrating the delivery of safe water and collection of wastewater for the 230,600 residents of the Columbus, Georgia region, CWW is dedicated to providing future generations with a legacy of responsible environmental stewardship of the middle Chattahoochee River watershed.

About Innoprise Software
Innoprise Software Inc.™ is a leading provider of financial and utility software solutions to the local government and utility industries. Teaming with a core group of customers Innoprise developed next generation CIS, Financials, Tax and Community Development software. The new software is based on 30 years of industry experience, Java™ and Internet technologies that enable Innoprise customers to reduce their cost of service, streamline operations and improve productivity. For additional information, visit www.innoprise.com.

eWise is partnering with NACHA to provide the Secure Vault Payments network, utilizing its Online Banking ePayments (OBeP) technology and account management services. eWise is a payments and online financial management solutions provider with a reputation for providing innovative solutions that make transacting online easier and more secure. eWise offices in US, UK, China and Australia support some of the world's top 50 financial institutions with solutions delivering outstanding, proven ROI for its customers and a better online experience for millions of end-users worldwide. For more information, visit www.ewise.com.