Australian water utility to automate activities of field crews, call center staff

Aug. 11, 2009
SOUTHBOROUGH, MA, Aug. 11, 2009 -- ViryaNet Limited announced that Wannon Water has selected the ViryaNet product for call taking, dispatch, and case management in its systems maintenance branch...

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA, Aug. 11, 2009 -- ViryaNet Limited, a leading provider of software applications that optimize business processes for field service management, today announced that Wannon Water has selected the ViryaNet product for call taking, dispatch, and case management in its systems maintenance branch.

Wannon Water selected the ViryaNet product to facilitate their strategic plan to achieve operational excellence by improving customer service, accuracy of reporting, and improvements in data collection. The project, as a whole, will benefit field crews by providing access to corporate systems and information as well as improve safety, while crew managers will benefit from the ability to schedule and track work progress.

Another important benefit of ViryaNet's solution to Wannon Water will be the ability to capture asset related data which will inform the asset management system, allowing better planning for maintenance and replacement programs.

The ViryaNet solution is a holistic, integrated, and customer-focused solution for optimizing field service operations. The solution consists of several components, including call center functions, work order management, scheduling and dispatch functionality, workflow, mobility, real-time monitoring capabilities, a full suite of business intelligence tools, and powerful integration capabilities. The solution's value is the agility it has to manage business process exceptions, in addition to the routine processes that are experienced by most companies.

Wannon Water will roll the initial implementation out to field crews and call centre staff. The initial implementation will focus on the Wannon Water systems maintenance branch. These crews are primarily involved with sewer and water network maintenance, responding to customer enquiries and performing programmed maintenance on Wannon Water network assets.

At Wannon Water, the ViryaNet solution will be interfaced to their existing Customer Relationship Management system, asset management system, Geographic Information System, and SCADA telemetry systems.

"Wannon Water is pleased to be working with ViryaNet to provide mobile information systems to its asset maintenance crews. The crews are looking forward to having access to up to date information in the field which will assist Wannon Water in providing excellent service to its customers," stated Andrew Jeffers, General Manager Service Delivery at Wannon Water. "The ViryaNet product is widely used in the Victorian water industry and has brought many benefits to its users. It closely matches our requirements for call taking, dispatch and case management. It also has a flexible and customizable interface which is intuitive to use and will easily allow for expansion as we identify further opportunities for its use."

"We are pleased to welcome Wannon Water into the ViryaNet family," stated Memy Ish-Shalom, President & Chief Executive Officer, ViryaNet. "We look forward to a successful implementation and to supporting Wannon Water in its pursuit of service excellence to their customers."

About Wannon Water
The primary function of Wannon Water is the collection, storage, treatment, and delivery of water; the collection and treatment of sewage and trade waste; and water recycling, under the Australian Water Act 1989. Wannon Water operates in five catchments servicing approximately 100,000 people (during peak season) in an area of over 24,000 sq kms, from the South Australian border in the west to Balmoral in the north, and from Lismore in the east to Port Campbell on the coast. With 34 different customer zones servicing residential, commercial, and industrial customers, Wannon Water also supplies a significant rural customer base.

About ViryaNet
ViryaNet provides packaged industry solutions that intelligently guide, automate, and optimize both simple and complex field service work, resulting in operational excellence. ViryaNet's solutions specialize in the functions of scheduling and dispatching resources and enabling mobile field communication. Embedding industry best practices and utilizing a powerful workflow engine, web architecture, and visibility suite, the ViryaNet solutions allow companies to outperform their competition, better the customer experience, improve financial performance, and address regulatory compliance. ViryaNet possesses a 20-year history in the field service space, a vast number of customers across a variety of industries, and strong partnerships with leading platform and system integration companies. Headquartered in Southborough, MA, ViryaNet enjoys a worldwide presence with offices and customers located in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. For more information, visit