Okehampton College saves water, money with new datalogger

Sept. 22, 2017
Fluid Conservation installation saves over $38,000 in water costs at U.K. university.

MILFORD, OH, SEPT 22, 2017 -- The MultiLog LX-2 datalogger from utility telemetry specialist HWM (knows as FCS in the United States) has helped cut annual water costs for Okehampton College (Okehampton, U.K.) by over $38,000.

"A few years ago, our water bill was £50,000 ($65,000)," said Keith Webber, technology coordinator at Okehampton College. "Last year, it was £20,000 ($26,000). The logger has made a huge difference to our awareness of how much water we're using."

The MultiLog LX-2 GPRS uses an external battery pack for advanced call frequency. The unit sends flow data every 15 minutes to HWM's cloud-based server, and then forwards that data to the local water utility company. The data is also displayed via HWM Online, a customer portal for graphing and site management purposes.

According to Webber, a single faucet left running inside the school during a holiday period generated a spike of over $100 in daily water consumption, while electricity for an immersion heater also jumped by 3kW. Using data from the MultiLog LX-2 interface, Webber identified this spike the same day. The detailed flow data even allowed him to pinpoint the exact campus building where the faucet was running.

"The hot tap had been on for 14 hours, but the electricity for the immersion heater cost something like three pounds. You think the electricity is the expensive bit, but actually, it's the water."

For additional information, visit the FCS website at www.fluidconservation.com.