UCLA, LADWP to fund water and energy research

Nov. 19, 2018
The partnership will help UCLA meet the aims of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.


LOS ANGELES, CA, NOV 19, 2108 -- UCLA and the city of Los Angeles's water and power utility have entered a partnership to fund research that will enable the city to manage water supplies more sustainably and become more energy efficient and reliant on clean energy.

The college and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will identify research that would move the city to greater use of recycled water, increase water and energy conservation and efficiency as well as electrification of the transportation network, and the use and production of local water, and also strengthen climate adaptation planning.

In 2013, the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge set the goal of transitioning Los Angeles County to 100 percent renewable energy and water self-sufficiency by 2050.

UCLA will administer the $5 million fund and collaborate with universities throughout the city over the next five years.

The partnership allows UCLA to work alongside other universities to advance the region in achieving its local water and energy goals as well as the aims of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.

Sustainable LA organizes hundreds of faculty and researchers from across campus to reach these ambitious goals, which have positioned UCLA as a key player in regional sustainability efforts like the new project with LADWP.