Turn Information into Action

Dec. 1, 2018
The Neptune® 360™ Data Management Platform helps utilities make sense of data.

Today’s water utilities are exploring innovative strategies to collect and utilize more data than ever. These strategies are leveraging software technologies that ease the burden of maintaining, updating and changing out hardware and infrastructure.

Taking advantage of modular, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solutions such as the Neptune® 360™ data management platform, water utilities can utilize the intuitive, user-friendly design to gain a deeper understanding of the data they collect and turn that information into action for a Smart Water Network. This software, tailored for the needs of water utilities, provides analytics to empower faster, more informed decisions.

Save money and time with the “Bring Your Own Device” capabilities of the Neptune 360 Mobile app.

Examine your entire AMI network using system-wide Key Performance Indicators and geographical views to identify areas of concern and maximize operational efficiencies. Quickly access dashboards to analyze individual trends and usage patterns, including those of your largest water consumers. Resolve customer service calls with confidence. Stay on top of issues that could impact your utility’s revenue through detailed reporting of consumption activity, potential leaks, and reverse flow.

Because Neptune 360 is delivered as a service, there’s no need to install servers or perform upgrades. All that is needed is an Internet browser. Just log on to access anywhere, at any time. Ease your security concerns with a system that is monitored 24/7 and operates from a world-class data center, providing the highest level of security, redundancy, and disaster recovery services.

The Neptune® 360™ data management platform enables water utilities to gain a deeper understanding of the data they collect and turn it into action for a Smart Water Network.

Share Data with Utility Departments and Customers

Your management, maintenance, customer service, water quality, and other departments all need fast, easy access to information. Share and leverage actionable data captured by Neptune 360, empowering collaboration and helping predict impact on your utility. The platform seamlessly integrates meter data, event data, and alerts directly with third-party work order systems, customer portals, hydraulic modeling applications, and other systems through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Neptune 360 is a modular-based software platform designed to grow along with your utility. Start off with technology that fits your needs today and add features later as your needs evolve. Build upon existing assets while providing a single source of secure, accurate data entry and access for all meter-reading system types — AMR, AMI or hybrid. Apply trend analysis in rate structure planning and usage initiatives.

Save money and time with the “Bring Your Own Device” capabilities of the Neptune 360 Mobile app. Use your utility’s existing Android- or iOS-compatible mobile or tablet devices in the field for meter reading. Pair with an R900® Belt Clip Transceiver or MRX920™ Mobile Data Collector to perform re-reads, read monthly routes, or even respond to high water bill complaints. Neptune 360 Mobile’s BYOD technology provides direct communication via wireless from the field. There’s no need to bring your mobile device back into the office. Other application capabilities include RF Test, Off-Cycle Read, and Data Log to capture 96 days of hourly historical consumption — addressing customer issues faster.

Neptune hosts and manages the Neptune 360 application. As a result, water utilities — particularly those with limited budgets and IT resources — can realize significant savings. Utilities of any size now have the advantage of easy scalability — up or down — when data needs change, without affecting performance or interrupting service. WW

Neptune Technology Group Inc. is a technology company serving more than 4,000 water utilities across North America. To learn more, visit www.neptunetg.com.

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