Lift Your Utility’s IT Burden and Put Data into Action

Aug. 1, 2018
The Neptune’s cloud-based data management platform is designed exclusively for the business of water.

Neptune’s cloud-based data management platform is designed exclusively for the business of water

You’ve got volumes of water metering data coming into your utility. Make sense of it all — and act on it — with Neptune® 360™, a data management platform delivered as a service. Visualize information for more proactive decisions and responses. Make life easier and sustain customer confidence.

Access your data anytime, anywhere through an Internet web browser. Neptune 360 provides the power of data presentment through easy-to-read graphical representation, GIS mapping, and alert notifications — all to enable proactive response capabilities to help resolve issues faster.

The Neptune 360’s dashboard identifies issues like reverse flow conditions or continuous flows. Operators can then identify exceptions such as invalid or missed readings.

Check your system’s stats at a glance with Neptune 360’s dashboard for issues like reverse flow conditions or continuous flows. Identify exceptions such as invalid or missed readings. View the top ten accounts with the highest consumption among your customers.

Proactively resolve customer issues before they become major concerns and increase customer confidence in your utility. Pinpoint possible leaks where there are unexplained, continuous flows. Answer high water bill questions with detailed consumption activity history at your fingertips.

Go beyond water metering to empower multiple departments, seamlessly integrating cross-functional needs. Give critical personnel access to actionable data to optimize efficiency and respond quickly, avoiding costly hidden infrastructure problems. Address initiatives such as Non-Revenue Water and keep ahead of other issues that could impact your utility’s revenue.

Tailor Software for the Needs of Your Water Utility

Tailor the Neptune 360 platform for your utility and keep tailoring as you grow. Move from your needs today to your needs tomorrow without separate independent software applications. Neptune 360 makes transitioning from a mobile metering system to a fixed network system an easy migration.

You no longer have to rely so heavily on internal IT resources to maintain software and a server. With Neptune 360, you’ll receive system updates automatically. Your utility can now plan for the future without being encumbered with IT concerns.

Protected with the highest-level encrypted security, and equipped with disaster recovery and redundancy measures, this data management platform as a service is easy and user-friendly. Free your utility to focus on the business of water. Win your day with Neptune 360. WW

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• Neptune-managed system

• Cloud-based solution, world-class data center

• Software designed exclusively for water

• Utility retains data ownership

• Easy migration from mobile to fixed network with module “on” capability

• Highest level security

• Disaster recovery/redundancy


• Access to data analytics to help your utility achieve your goals and objectives

• Minimal clicks to acquire critical information

• No installation necessary

• Increase utility and resource efficiencies without being encumbered with IT concerns

• Respond to your customers quickly with a solution focused on customer service and experience

• Proactively identify and resolve issues quickly using overall system monitoring capability

• Integrate and easily share data seamlessly across utility departments