Pipe inspection company to host series of U.S. seminars

March 9, 2005
Canada's Pressure Pipe Inspection Co. teams up with several U.S. partners to set the standards for condition based asset management. Will host series of 19 seminars on piping systems across country...

MISSISAGUA, ON, Canada, March 7, 2005 -- The Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (PPIC), together with several partners, will be conducting a series of seminars across the United States. These seminars are designed to help pipeline operators set the standards for the condition based asset management of their water and wastewater transmission mains.

Municipalities, pipeline operators, government officials, manufacturers and consultants are invited to attend these seminars where they will learn of the latest technologies in condition assessment and leak detection. More importantly, attendees will learn how to cost-effectively manage their aging pipeline infrastructure. During this one-day information exchange, case studies will be presented and customer experiences discussed.

PPIC, and its partners, are conducting these seminars because various estimates assume that American water utilities will need to spend $150-$450 billion over the next 20 years to bring their water infrastructure up to par. These figures, however, assume utilities will replace pipelines as they reach the end of their design life. If a "bottom up" condition based asset management approach is adopted, experience shows that this figure can be drastically reduced. By establishing the condition of each pipe in a water transmission system, and selectively rehabilitating only those individual pipe whose structural or mechanical integrity has been compromised, operators can realize significant savings through eliminating the unnecessary replacement of large lengths of transmission mains.

In more detail, PPIC will discuss how it's Remote Field Eddy Current/Transformer Coupling condition assessment methodology establishes the baseline condition of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP). The company will show how Acoustic Emission Testing (AET) can be used to detect which PCCP pipe are actively deteriorating. Finally, PPIC will demonstrate how the Sahara water transmission main leak location system can pinpoint leaks in large diameter pipes of any material composition.

The schedule for the seminars is as follows:
March 8 -- Boston
March 9 -- Washington, D.C.
March 10 -- Atlanta
March 24 -- Dallas
April 12 -- Virginia Beach
April 13 -- Baltimore
April 14 -- New York
April 26 -- Denver
April 27 -- Phoenix
April 28 -- Salt Lake City
May 10 -- Buffalo
May 11 -- Cleveland
May 12 -- Cincinnati
May 24 -- Chicago
May 24 -- St Louis
May 26 -- Kansas City
June 7 -- San Antonio
June 8 -- Houston
June 9 -- New Orleans

Partners participating in this program of seminars are internationally and nationally recognized and respected engineering firms and consultants. They will cover topics such as: the assessment of risk of failure; repair priorities for PCCP pipe with broken wires; asset management and repair options; and water loss control methods for water transmission and distribution pipes.

Given the age of many large diameter water and wastewater transmission mains, many pipeline operators are faced with both service disruptions and burdensome financial costs. A condition based asset management program will enable these operators to anticipate and minimize these concerns.

The Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (www.ppic.on.ca) is a privately held company that provides critical information about crucial assets. The company evaluates the condition of water transmission systems utilizing a suite of unique and patented techniques to pinpoint damaged sections of pipe. Water supply system operators use this information to make informed asset management decisions. This often means that they can selectively rehabilitate individual pipe - and avoid the enormous cost of complete pipeline replacement.

For a comprehensive list of events worldwide for the water and wastewater treatment industry, see PennWell Water Group's "Events" page at: Calendar of Events


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