Terasen Utility Services awarded AMR installation project as prime contractor

April 6, 2005
Partners with AMCO Water Metering Systems and Hexagram for the exchange of Medford, Mass.'s entire water meter population, including residential and commercial meters, and replacing them with a fixed-network automated meter reading system...

MILWAUKEE, WI, April 5, 2005 -- Terasen Utility Services has signed an agreement with the city of Medford, Mass., to become the prime contractor for the exchange of Medford's entire water meter population, including residential and commercial meters, and replacing them with a fixed-network automated meter reading system.

"I am extremely pleased we were able to put together this quality solution to meet the needs of Medford. Terasen Utility Services works to create and implement customized, turn-key solutions for our customers and we see this solution as an excellent fit for the City of Medford," said Jeff Van Ess, business development director.

Bidding as the prime contractor, Terasen Utility Services partnered with AMCO Water Metering Systems and Hexagram and is also meeting Medford's minority business goals by utilizing an East Coast minority business firm for product distribution. The contract will result in the installation of nearly 14,000 water meters over the next 10-12 months. Installation of the fixed network infrastructure and data collection system is underway and Terasen Utility Services will commence installation of meters and AMR devices very soon.

In addition to providing project management, full-time field installation staff, office and warehouse space, inventory management services, vehicles and uniforms, Terasen Utility Services will manage a call center for appointment scheduling to access water meters located inside customer premises.

Terasen Utility Services provides field metering services to electric, gas, and water utilities, municipalities and cooperatives throughout the United States and Canada. Field services include automatic meter reading system field installation, meter changes, manual and automated meter reading, code compliance, meter testing and special field services. In addition, the company designs, builds and operates wastewater and energy systems. The United States operations are headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Canadian operations are based in Vancouver, B.C. Terasen Utility Services is a subsidiary of Terasen Inc. (www.terasen.com), a publicly traded company.


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