Portugal water utility rolls out water network monitoring, water loss reduction solution

March 20, 2012
A water utility in Cascais, Portugal, has rolled out an innovative water network monitoring service provided by TaKaDu...

CASCAIS, Portugal, Mar. 20, 2012 -- A water utility in Cascais, Portugal, has rolled out an innovative water network nonitoring service provided by TaKaDu. This web-based service allows the water utility to detect leakage and network problems as they occur. Águas de Cascais (AdC) is the first water utility in Portugal to adopt such a solution.

The TaKaDu service analyzes data received from existing meters and sensors already installed in the AdC network, and identifies inefficiencies or faults before they escalate. Following a successful rollout during 2011, the entire network in the Municipality of Cascais is now monitored via this remote service.

Águas de Cascais holds the concession for the supply of water and wastewater for the Municipality of Cascais, with over 1,300 km of drinking water mains. The company has been focused on improving network efficiency, reducing water losses and saving costs.

"The use of advanced technology is a key element in our smart water network strategy," said Pedro Perdigão, General Manager of Águas de Cascais, "the combination of high-capacity computing and an innovative algorithmic approach is powerful and beneficial. TaKaDu allows us to make the most out of the investment we have made in recent years in our water network, by taking data from flow and pressure meters, our GIS system and our asset management platform, and turning it into a practical real-time picture and priorities."

The service was deployed with the assistance of Acquawise, a water consultancy company. "Thanks to the professional team in AdC, the rollout process was quick and effective," said Raquel Mendes of AcquaWise. "The deployment was quick as the service requires only a web connection, without installing any new meters or sensors," added Cristina Martinho. Ms. Mendes and Ms. Martinho are AcquaWise's Managing Partners.

The AdC staff has quickly adopted the service, and is now sending crews to the field with information received from the system. Online network monitoring, combined with additional measures taken by AdC, has resulted in increased network efficiency and reduction in water loss - which is defined by ERSAR, the Portuguese Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority, as a key performance indicator requiring action by the water utilities in Portugal.

"AdC is a true pioneer, very open to new approaches and advanced technology. It was receptive to the use of Cloud Computing," said Amir Peleg, Founder and CEO of TaKaDu. "In its quick and successful adoption of TaKaDu as a core operational service, AdC is showing the way for water utilities in Portugal and worldwide."

About Águas de Cascais
Águas de Cascais is a privately held concession providing for the management, operation and maintenance of water infrastructures and wastewater systems in the Municipality of Cascais.
Set up in 2001, the company is owned by AGS- Administração e Gestão de Sistemas de Salubridade, S.A., a company of the Somague Group, and Aquapor Serviços, the two leading companies in the private sector of water and wastewater concessions in Portugal.Serving 113,800 customers across the Municipality with high quality drinking water, 24-hours a day, seven days-a-week, and collecting wastewater, Águas de Cascais is the largest private concession operating in Portugal.The company holds an Integrated Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Management System certified by APCER in 2008, as well as a Corporate/Social Responsibility Management System, implemented in the same year, according to international standards of Social Accountability, SA 8000.About TaKaDu
TaKaDu provides a Software-as-a-Service solution for monitoring water distribution networks. TaKaDu gives the utility real-time control over network events, using state-of-the-art statistical and mathematical algorithms. Water utilities using TaKaDu report reduced water loss, increased detection and repair crews efficiency, reduced energy expenditure and increased customer satisfaction. TaKaDu's solution is easy to deploy, requiring no network changes, additional devices or capital expenditure. TaKaDu is in use by leading water utilities worldwide. TaKaDu is the winner of many industry awards, including the prestigious World Economic Forum Tehcnology Pioneer 2011 Award. It was named "Cleantech Company of the Year: Europe & Israel" by the Cleantech Group and The Guardian.
About AcquaWise
Acquawise is a consulting company specialized in assessment and management of drinking water supply systems. Its main objective is to support public and private water companies to implement more efficient operational practices, reducing costs and ensuring the safety and quality of water supplied.