Burnsville, MN adopts VUEWorks for real-time sewer tracking, maintenance

Sept. 2, 2009
CONCORD, NH, Sept. 2, 2009 -- The City of Burnsville, Minnesota, has adopted VUEWorks software for web-enabled, GIS-integrated work order and asset management...

• VUEWorks GIS-integrated asset management software helps Burnsville cut costs, improve service quality

CONCORD, NH, Sept. 2, 2009 -- VUEWorks Inc. today announced that the City of Burnsville, Minnesota has adopted its VUEWorks® software for web-enabled, GIS-integrated work order and asset management. Burnsville, population 63,000, is using VUEWorks for real-time data collection, tracking and maintenance of its sanitary and storm sewer assets. The city's ultimate goal is to manage all physical assets with VUEWorks, including streets, parks, and natural resources. Ruekert-Mielke Inc. of Waukesha, Wisconsin is providing consulting and web hosting services for VUEWorks and ESRI's ArcIMS software application.

Burnsville is an ideal client for our firm," stated Thomas Tym, Ruekert-Mielke Principal/Senior Project Manager. "The City wanted the benefits of VUEWorks, but also wanted to minimize hardware and software expenses, and staff resources. Utilizing our hosting services, Burnsville can focus their efforts on inputting and managing data, leaving the management of file servers, software installations and configurations, file backups, and data protection in the hands of a service provider with proven experience and longevity."

Burnsville reports that 10 days after installation, utility crews are collecting real-time sanitary sewer records and filling out VUEWorks work orders from the field. 90% of the city's sewer assets are now in VUEWorks. Burnsville has also begun using VUEWorks' new facilities management capabilities to track both the GIS- and non-GIS assets of its sanitary sewer system. For example, within a lift station, which appears on the GIS map, the city will be able to track the condition of associated non-GIS components such as service panels and pumps.

"VUEWorks is helping us protect our city, improve service quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiency," commented Tyler Erickson, GIS Technician for Burnsville. "The software is very configurable. We really liked the fact that VUEWorks is GIS-centric, but not just limited to managing GIS assets. Our Utility Superintendent and crews love VUEWorks because they can generate work orders from anywhere and quickly access the information they need. Hosting with Ruekert-Mielke takes strain off our IT department, saving time, money and resources."

"VUEWorks is pleased to have the city of Burnsville as a customer," commented Alex von Svoboda, VUEWorks' Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "They have the 'Thought Leadership' and dedication to advance their current work process using the latest technology available. The City now has the tools to retrieve key operational information about their physical infrastructure assets anywhere, and at any time.

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