FATHOM helps Phoenix water utility reduce water loss by five percent annually

Dec. 20, 2017
Preliminary assessment shows a five percent decrease in apparent water loss following water meter update and deployment of FATHOM advanced analytics solutions.

PHOENIX, DEC 20, 20174 -- FATHOM Water Management Inc., a utility-to-utility Smart Grid for Water technology leader, today announced preliminary results from the company's study on a large-scale water meter and management software update that was conducted for Phoenix-based Global Water Resources Inc., a pure-play water resource management company. FATHOM's initial findings highlight a five percent decrease in potable water loss after the replacement and retrofit of 19,025 meters in three key service areas.

FATHOM has worked with GWR, which owns and operates nine utility companies with service areas in metropolitan Phoenix, since 2013. Due to aging metering infrastructure, GWR was not capturing all volumetric based revenue and was seeing an increase in apparent water loss.

In 2016, GWR approached FATHOM to implement an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution to decrease apparent water loss and boost revenue capture capabilities for the utility. The new smart meters and big data management platform allow for utility employees to read and monitor water meter activities remotely. GWR has reduced truck rolls and field visits with this updated hardware and software solution, while providing better service to customers.

"A water utility is only as good as its data," said Jon Corwin, VP and General Manager of Global Water Resources. "With updated, remotely-accessed water meters, our team is driving down our apparent water loss. This retrofit has not only enabled our team to function more efficiently and better serve our customers, but it allows us to conserve water resources and promote responsible water use within our community."

"It is more important than ever to help our water utilities do more with declining resources," said Jason Bethke, President of FATHOM. "As conservation and water scarcity continues to grow across the United States and around the world, our solutions will help utilities gain success in this new reality. FATHOM values our ongoing partnership with Global Water Resources and we are pleased to continue to provide reliable and cost-effective smart water technologies to Phoenix-area customers."

FATHOM provides comprehensive meter-to-customer solutions to help water utilities do more with declining resources. To learn more, visit www.gwfathom.com.

About Global Water Resources
Global Water Resources, Inc. is a leading water resource management company that owns and operates nine utility companies which provide water, wastewater, and recycled water services. The company's service areas are located primarily in growth corridors around metropolitan Phoenix. Global Water recycles nearly 1 billion gallons of water annually. To learn more, visit www.gwresources.com.