Badger Meter joins AT&T Smart City Alliance

June 12, 2018
Collaboration demonstrates water metering is key to smart city.

MILWAUKEE, JUNE 12, 2018 -- Badger Meter, Inc. (NYSE: BMI) today announced it has joined the AT&T Smart City Alliance. This collaboration will explore various alternatives to provide cities, large and small and with diverse needs and priorities, with access to world-class and smart city and water metering solutions. AT&T and Badger Meter are working together on how AT&T's extensive, reliable network and Badger Meter's industry-leading cellular AMI solutions can join together to help water utilities benefit from the collective leadership and experience in the smart water metering solutions of today and tomorrow.

Badger Meter's ORION® Cellular endpoints provide increased deployment flexibility, because no infrastructure is needed. This results in substantially reduced operating costs. Beyond the water utility itself, cellular solutions also create flexibility for a city. By implementing cellular networks, cities are not forced into a "one size fits all" solution. Cellular networks allow easy and long-term interoperability between multiple solutions, such as energy efficient lighting, "smart" waste management and improved leak detection in water systems.

In January 2016, AT&T introduced its smart cities framework aimed at helping cities better meet the needs of their citizens using the Internet of Things (IoT). The framework is supported by an alliance of key technology leaders and industry organizations, together collaborating, developing, and ultimately deploying solutions that could help cities address critical issues like high energy costs, transportation, aging infrastructure and public safety.

"Joining the AT&T Smart City Alliance is key to Badger Meter's plans to provide smart city water metering solutions for any utility – large or small," says Kenneth Bockhorst, president of Badger Meter. "Our smart water solutions are a revenue generator for municipalities, making them a strategic component of any smart city initiative. Our Alliance with AT&T shows that Badger Meter is ready to deliver on the promise of smart water."

"Badger Meter is an exciting addition to our Smart Cities Alliance and will allow us to collaborate and trial Badger Meter's solutions to ultimately provide to cities at scale," said Michael Zeto, vice president of AT&T IoT, and General Manager of Smart Cities. "Smart water technology is a vital part of creating a comprehensive and truly end-to-end smart cities ecosystem that enables communities to be more efficient, sustainable and safer for the people that live there."

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