Binnies and KenWave partnership to provide greater asset intelligence for water utilities

July 12, 2021
Offering combines Binnies’ strategic asset management and digital expertise with KenWave’s industry-leading analytical approach to condition assessment technology.

Accurately understanding the condition of critical below-ground assets to inform operational and investment strategies remains a significant challenge for water companies in delivering an essential service to customers. To meet this challenge, Binnies has partnered with KenWave Solutions to provide the Intelligent Condition Assessment Solution.

KenWave’s Tonal Pipe Assessment™ (TPA) acoustic tool incorporates recognition technology and patented analytics to generate world-leading accuracy, providing non-invasive field survey condition assessments for pipes of any material or diameter. This provides detailed, reliable condition information for individual 5-m pipe segments with no service disruption or risk of damage, enabling scalable, data-driven maintenance and investment strategies.

Binnies network management expertise, allied to a wealth of experience in the roll-out of leading-edge digital asset management tools across water infrastructure, ensures the technology’s most effective deployment. In addition, through its industry-leading ECO-X cloud-based digital performance intelligence ecosystem, Binnies provides interoperability between the service and water companies’ systems.

“KenWave provides outstanding condition assessment technology; Binnies provides speed-to-value, enabling clients to effectively deploy the technology and quickly reap the benefits as part of an overarching strategy. Our partnership helps accelerate the adoption of the new technology for clients to increase asset intelligence and address essential service challenges,” says Stuart White, Head of Leakage Services, Binnies UK Limited.

The data-driven dynamic assessment of pipe risk will optimise network performance in relation to leakage, burst reduction and the avoidance of operational digs to reduce operating expenditure and customer disruption. The outputs will extend asset life, create robust mains renewal programmes to direct capital expenditure more effectively, support business cases for network monitoring and provide optimal deployment plans for smart network roll-out.

“Intelligent Condition Assessment Solution is the leading technology for water companies to close the buried asset information gap,” said Elia Rizkalla, President, KenWave Solutions. “Our collaboration with Binnies will help deliver this technological breakthrough for clients at scale to meet their strategic objectives”.

Binnies’ Digital ECO-X cloud-based ecosystem enables the integration of multiple data sets from multiple partners, such as KenWave Solutions, and provides asset management tools that fit seamlessly with utility clients’ IT systems. For more information, visit‑

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