PA American Water to mobilize crews with ARCOS

Aug. 27, 2021
The subsidiary joins Tennessee American Water in choosing ARCOS’s Callout and Scheduling services.

To improve resource management and the speed with which it mobilizes crews, Pennsylvania American Water will implement the Software-as-a-Service ARCOS Callout and Scheduling solution for its field service representatives, first responders and utility workers. Pennsylvania American Water, a subsidiary of American Water, joins Tennessee American Water in choosing ARCOS’s services.

“Among the key drivers for choosing ARCOS is the software’s ability to make it efficient for us to pinpoint available crews in an emergency,” said Jake Gentile, senior manager for Operations, Southwestern Pennsylvania, at Pennsylvania American Water. “The ARCOS system will automatically mirror callout procedures and help us quickly mobilize our response.”

The ARCOS Callout and Scheduling service helps utility managers act on emergencies by automatically locating and alerting available crews to respond to water main breaks, shut off meters, or handle other emergent issues.


ARCOS provides a SaaS-based resource management platform, built specifically for utilities and other critical infrastructure industries. Using ARCOS, companies can manage the real-time availability of unionized workforces and contractors alongside long- and short-cycle work necessary to keep services flowing. ARCOS’s customer support coupled with its quick return on investment, automated callout capabilities, electronic crew management, emergency mobilization and field service mobility solutions help its customers safely respond to, restore, report on, and manage critical activity that keeps electric, water, gas, and travel running smoothly.