Anglian Water awards Samotics five-year maintenance program contract

April 7, 2023
The water provider selected Samotics to provide its electrical signal analysis technology and services through 2028, helping deliver a proactive maintenance program.

Samotics, an asset management solutions company, announced that it has been awarded a five-year contract by Anglian Water to help deliver a maintenance program and meet 2030 Net Zero targets.

The award is part of Anglian Water's strategy to shift from a reactive maintenance approach to a condition-based, proactive maintenance approach. To that end, a tender was issued for two different condition-based monitoring (CBM) technologies: vibration and electrical signal analysis (ESA).

Anglian Water’s tender focused on optimizing its clean water and water recycling networks with the support of CBM technologies. These were identified to improve Anglian Water’s maintenance regime by delivering key insights into the health and performance of rotating and pumping assets, enabling it to take proactive measures against developing faults.

Samotics says that it will use a range of tools to deliver this result, including its SAM4 Health’s automated clogging detection feature, which pinpoints early signs of clogging to prevent pollution incidents and damage to pumps.

ESA is the company’s technology of choice for its fleet of submerged assets, whose location makes it hard to acquire high-quality, high-frequency data. Because the electrical data can be captured remotely in the motor control center, there is no need to install sensors on or even near the equipment.

After a competitive tender process, Anglian Water selected Samotics as its ESA technology and services supplier through 2028.

Samotics’ SAM4 Health solution will monitor a fleet of submerged equipment, in addition to other critical rotating assets, across more than 100 clean water and water recycling sites, facilitating services to 6+ million customers.